Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Conspiracies - What Do You Believe?

Conspiracies - What Do You Believe?
(A Daily Bell commentary on a Guardian article that pretends to deal with conspiracy or indeed blatant lying by media, gov and corporates who share a common agenda).

Whatever one believes will determine how the interpret and perceive - as well as the thoughts and behaviours that then automatically follow.
So belief itself becomes the 'battleground' or war that operates in place of a tangibly connected peace in which communication occurs naturally and spontaneously - rather than being denied or conformed to a fearful agenda of pain or loss.
Being truly aware of the operation of belief amidst the experience of living in a world predicated on belief is to be awake and on purpose. But beliefs that run as undercurrent or denied agenda do not announce themselves as beliefs - but are the imprinted conditioning OF the Human Condition in general and our respective roles within that conflicted self-sense in particular.
The war of judgement is that by which one gets to determine 'reality' and undermine or invalidate and neutralize or deny any other witness.

The unmasking of the devices of deceit and denial in the world is a reflection of the unmasking of that same device within our fragmented consciousness. The 'elitist' exceptionalism - persists the notion that the 'problem' is someone else's and that they are suffering - if at all - the frustration or loss resulting from other's lack of adequacy or worthiness. But this is not the whole truth for the nature of denial is that one does not recognize it is in fact one's own.

The split off fragment that is asserted as oneself is an active part of its predicate. But we are most loath to release such investment when the persona operates as the device of defence against deeper fear and rage. And so the core conditioning is never engaged but in its worldly reflection, by which it is defined and interpreted so as to protect against exposure.

There is a deeper pattern that can be recognized as the core imprint in the human psyche - and there is a universal conspiracy or tacit agreement to avoid such exposure by mutuality of judgement - for without such a 'power' we would lose 'our minds' and have no protection from a destructive and loveless sense of power amidst powerlessness. However, I see that is happening in any case and so feel moved to question 'mind' in its inhibition of Life, and to reconnect and integrate with feeling. With a true presence.

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