Saturday, 26 December 2015

Modern dance has lost its Soul

I confess to not reading the article - but posted to the subject header - for as a dancer, I already have perspective to attempts to impose or coerce Life into forms of mimicry.

My comment:

Modernity embodies a loss of or sense of disconnection from Soul - where Soul is deep and truly Felt Life.
Mimicking conformities - and conforming to identities of reaction to conformity as if 'free' is a loss of Consciousness on Earth - occurring by choice and consent while framed in narratives of deceit.
To be Moved - is the core quality of our existence as expressions of Consciousness. The identity predicated on control, regards being Moved as dangerous, untrustworthy and 'out of control' - and so the flow of Life in movement, relation and communication is engineered to imposed dictates from old conditioning of the power-hungry - who are unmindful of the terror and rage that drives them because they 'justify it' with rationalisations.
We are not Moved as robots, but within a freedom to accept. This is a quality of discernment rising out of a balanced relationship and communication that simply knows and feels where to go and how to be. It is the art of living.
The command and control mentality - with its persona of acceptability-seeking-validation, is the war of getting and winning - for the 'prize' of self-specialness and superiority or prevailing over. It usurps and subverts the forms of any fresh Movement of Life to serve a purpose of control in place of the Play of Feeling that is inspirational Meaning of Life rather than a prize carrot or the stick of negative 'incentive'.
And those who feel their 'security' is provided by such imposition of control join as one in denying or demonising the Divine Impulse as they have since long before the reflection Jesus offered to illuminate such loveless self-harming.
False currency needs to be left unused. Let the dead bury the dead is the Call to invest and embody the Living. Dead thinking blinds with false rationalizations for lovelessness. Mechanical 'joy' reduces the Miracle of Life to targets and tickboxes. Better to wake to acknowledge joylessness than lose Consciousness to empty ritual. At least to feel through and transform the negativity so as to  uncover the Call to Joy as it Moves us - and rejoin The Dance. Life is a Dance - to the willingness within.

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