Thursday, 10 December 2015

Injecting a fear agenda into the young

Flu Vaccines and the Ascent of Allopathy

The arena of biology is fast becoming the crisis point or choice that will perhaps be the determining factor in world we experience ourselves to be. As ever subtler means are developed, of capturing, manipulating, controlling, farming or indeed culling or killing others - and Life on Earth generally - the quality of and capacity for Life on Earth is progressively degraded. Because such 'mentality' can assert narratives of 'progress' for an ever smaller dominant group, loss of Life - of Consciousness can proceed with hardly being noticed or able to find articulation within the Mentality. Indeed Everything is simply redefined and redistributed in ways that more deeply in-debt or entrap the captive fragmented consciousness in complex narratives of struggle and sacrifice of joy and freedom to externally dictated demands of conforming necessities - even in apparent oppositional identity.

I have come to the conclusion that beneath the appearances of gaining control through pretence to empower or protect, is hateful and vengefully destructive intent, that operates in extremely complex and subtle deceits that our thinking cannot unravel or counter because it is predicated in narrative identity provided or subverted by such Life-denying intent.

The fruits of hate cannot be indefinitely camouflaged, or hidden by diversionary device. But can operate out in plain sight behind culturally agreed definitions that are not open to question or challenge - not least because they have been made foundational to so much else that then came after.

Scientific Enquiry is not inherently a 'command and control' mentality - but is a subset of a desire to uncover, explore, know and share. The subversion of Science follows the same pattern as the subversion of any cultural inspiration - because our undercurrent identity in denied emotional acceptance and expression is not recognized and is denied or defended against rather than itself being uncovered, explored, known and brought to a true communication.

Forced vaccinations, along with adulteration of our air, water, food and medicine supply, impose an environment of chemical, viral, and bio-tech mutated genetic toxicity upon our physical body and brain. They operate an externally enforced coercion of a captive consciousness within which an increasingly dis-functional and degraded capacity to feel and know and communicate. It appears to be a War on Life and Consciousness from OUT there.

Anything one then does within such a framed narrative feeds the idea of externally imposed power and a split off captive victim whose undercurrent psyche carries shame, terror and rage. This is very active in the world. We do not recognize the power of denied consciousness to subvert and sabotage our lives, but tend to project and personify it upon others - and feel justified in hate and righteous rage in opposing the perceived and believed evil.

The mind can be used to magic away such evil - by all sorts of tricks. But none of them truly do more than temporarily cover it by asserting a fragmented and coercive world and identity.

BECAUSE of such mind in act - one cannot communicate the ruse to those who believe it works to protect them from evil. They simply equate bringing their mind or world into question with exposure to (and subjection to) evil outcome.

Perhaps evil is too emotive a term but it spells 'live' backwards.

Jesus says "Resist ye not evil". However he was extremely vigilant in recognizing any such intent in himself, his friends or fellow man and immediately divesting of it. THEN he could feel or discern the true will within any situation and relate and share a unified and unifying perspective. (Rather than react in ITS terms).

The idea of repenting and setting a direction is a simple and instant correction, that was subverted to an endlessly sacrificial process of teaching and learning futility.

There's no big deal to an honesty of being that 'gets it' - and has already dropped the crap and adopted a true course. But it wont happen under the belief that 'I am shit" that drops or invalidates our true desire in then proceeding to find ways for making 'living in shit' more bearable.

The attempt to inject fear agenda into the young operates in all kinds of ways. For the young have the experience of coming into a world that violates and assaults them under the guise of love and protection.

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