Saturday, 12 December 2015

A Credible Media?

Is Credible Media Both Anti-State and Anti-War?

Above is an editorial that touches on the recent survey in which the mainstream media are reckoned to be negatively viewed by about half it readership. I don't know about the dwindling focus that even subscribes to its attempt to dictate the narrative rather than practice journalism.

In the Daily Bell context I wrote:

For me the credibility is not in any preconceived stance - but in the extension and honouring of a genuine willingness of communication and relationship.
In consciousness and in society - the balance points need to be held to keep the space open for a healthy diversity. The idea of centralised 'top-down' control has had its epoch. The force of such denial and suppression of Life is a death force when identified with exclusively.
The 'global agenda' may believe itself nearly victorious - but it can only see what its own Life denying thought dictates.
The prepare for wtshtf CHAOS agenda may be shifting power from people to corrupted forms of governance that corporations milk in true socialist fashion while the bottom feeders get free-market freedom to race to the bottom.
The mind's attempt to get Life into stone tablets or indeed ideological premises is a conforming and limiting movement. There are times to limit and conform our impulses - but not to set such moments out of context and apply without discernment.
Perhaps we live in the breaking of the wave and the only option is how we relate to that process of change. Mapping control types seek better boats or strongholds or places of refuge but a surfer needs to be the relationship with the wave as it moves through them.
My feeling is that the world as we know it is not as we think and that the wave is breaking through us in a way that effects the breakdown of control in the sense of a sense of private power over Life. Much of our illusion is 'made real' to us by reinforcements of tacit or overt agreements, as well as the subconscious responses of deeply imprinted conditioning. If we have no capacity to feel and know and act outside the box of our conditionings then as conditions of support are no longer available, the core beliefs and definitions one actually lives by are exposed - be that personal or corporate. Humiliating - for humankind I do not doubt. Humbling" Perhaps. Ultimately Life is what we make of it by our chosen response - regardless the outer condition. We forget that and run on auto pilot, many levels deep... until its time for a Refresh - or perhaps just time to fade into the lifelessness of no desire for the experience of Existence.
Anti-war is also war. To be wholly FOR something as one's freely accepted or chosen path, is not to actively deny any other possible choice by giving it negative charge of invalidation AS a choice. Being 'against' something 'negative' is a trick-device to keep it in secret while purporting to get rid of it. Temporarily expedient at times, but the 'secret' of subconsciously repressed or unconsciously denied Life is a shadow 'jack in the box' that runs our lives while we 'live on the surface reality that substitutes a guilted and fearful existence for Life, lived, known, felt and shared.
The hatred of 'being controlled' is accepted over against deeper fear of losing control to terror, rage and powerlessness. An honest perspective cannot continue to pretend the surface reality is not breaking down - and that there are ancient conditionings that it was originally made to keep out or suppress. The Currency of our conceptual framework is as bankrupt as the fiat money system. Indeed it is a direct Reflection. What then is true worth, truly shared value and a basis for a grounded Sanity of being? Old words don't have any power unless they are truly lived and exemplified. Because all of them have been debased, corrupted and rendered meaningless by what they have been used FOR.
Purpose is foundational. I am attracted to finding fresh ways to witness to Life, simply because I feel Life within me - and as a result become more aware of lifelessness in terms of all that undermines, invalidates and conforms Life to a loveless agenda - often in the name of love. So this means I read the world - and the Media at a deeper level than surface reaction - for I am also reading my own thought and response as part of the otherwise hidden context in which any ideas run.
Credibility is a matter of establishing and growing a relationship of mutual trust. Not a technique of assertive targeted presentation!

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