Thursday, 10 December 2015

Beneath appearance is actual intent

In alternatives to the mainstream news cartel are many perspectives on geopolitics but often falling into reactive narratives based on the same mentality that is being criticized or hated. This was one such.

Beneath appearance is actual intent

While partial truths can be glimpsed as some layers of illusion are revealed, the nature of the imprint of power and terror in our whole body-mind is in fact 'our mind', and there is a sense in which the deceiver is never in any outward form but is 'divide and rule' operating within us - using our own thoughts.

You are not your thoughts - but you are aware of them - and can feel them as to whether they are truly aligned with the core signature vibration that is intimately recognizably you.

It will not take more than a moment to notice that you are profoundly identified with your thoughts, and that such thinking operates a sense of control over what are effectively denied or avoided emotional energy and expression. 

Being identified in self concept - in the idea and image of oneself, is inherently a power struggle, a war, a conflicted state of being. Defending against change. This reflects to us as our perception and experience of world. Much of what we feel and think and believe is pushed unconscious - with a front face or presentation of a surface persona - that hides all that is pushed back and down.

The world can be used to recognize the denied self and bring it into true alignment - if that is the underlying desire. But in the persistence of the attempt to prevail as power over one's world', others or Life itself, is the world treacherous and set against you.

I'd thought I was going to write here that key corporate and financial powers funded the rise of the Bolsheviks and Nazis and Maoists and that there are many complexities involved because deceit, along with power born of (and operating) terror is its primary means of gaining power by invalidating and inducing others to give them it. This whole thing is an insanity - and while it is in us we live as if within it.

Power - in this worldly sense - is of a false image, an adulterated sense of the way of light in truth, and a corrupted sense of self - and it cares not what form it masks itself in excepting its own purpose is achieved.

The parasite uses - and uses up - its host. Its victory is over Life and that... is death. For it is the refusal and denial of Creation as it Moves - and when all that would move is conformed and controlled, there is no life - but a mentalism of a mask with nothing left to feed from.

It is mind-breaking to awaken from a false surface persona - but that is the condition in which true heart opening needs to be engaged - right where we are - not in feeding a subtler version of the lie that absorbs the forms of spirituality in exchange for the living relationship.

At different levels, are different perspectives. The outer rings believe they are defending or preserving the good against evil - or accepting the lesser evil. The inner rings believe they are attaining privilege and power. But at the core is a wholly destructive and deceitful intent.

Disengaging from hate agenda is not possible while believing oneself to be fighting it. Self-righteousness is a mask over un-owned self. If you are more in the mask than in your true feelings then as the mask is stripped away - you will not recognize yourself. Only compassion can embrace the negative aspects and bring healing.

Vengeance wants nothing to do with healing. It wants to hurt back and glory in victory of a private self-validation. And if it cant win - then no one shall...

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