Thursday, 24 December 2015

A Tale of Two Placebos

A Tale of Two Placebos
This Ars article offers a self-righteous anti homoeopathy agenda - perhaps in it presumption of victory over magic and enlightened alignment with T Truth.
I believe this anti homeopathy movement has been set off and encouraged by design - as the movement away from the allopathic pharmaceutical interventions and management of sickness makes drug-whores out of doctors - because such is their essential training  and function in a technocratically engineered society.
Anyway - here is my response...

Definitions frame and filter perception of whatever actually is moving or communicating itself within awareness.
The rigidly set, 'subject-denying' imposition of conceptual framing is a kind of 'anti-magic' that asserts itself in righteousness by every means to subvert and undermine and invalidate the Movement of Being that is tangibly felt Life. It does so by attempting to solve its conflicted sense of self in external terms.

This dissociation or splitting of consciousness has counterparts in reflection and reaction that indeed are also magical attempts to resolve a conflict by internal or subjective assignments of power and blame and protection.

The core emotional state of split consciousness is one that ranges between terror and rage, and compounded with guilt, blame and shame.

The surface personality structure is a masking of such raw imprinting in which the conflicted issues surface as dissonance of impotence and frustration in which the 'reality' of the perceptions are adapted to in order to survive or indeed prevail over.

The missing or denied quality in the conflicted sense of self is relationship and communication, and these are substituted for by a hierarchy of roles in which status and identity is derived externally - as a result of conditioned experience - asserted to be one's independent 'self'.

To be truly listened to, cared for, extended worthiness, recognized by another living being, is a key transformative context in which what has not found communication in expression can rise and become the shift in which a re-integrative movement of consciousness or 'healing', undoes the segregative dissociation and is experienced as a more aligned and less conflicted sense of self and relational experience or world.

Ultimately the world is props that serve the narrative or core definitions of the focusing consciousness. Different personality make-up attracts different kinds of 'permission slips' through which to allow the release of limiting and invalidating baggage.

One of the most destructive of which is the idea that there is but one true FORM (or definition) of Truth. This is inherently rejecting and denying or invalidating of all else. While this idea operates 'self-concept' there is no relationship, communication or free will - only a compulsive dictate issuing from the distortion-filter of the idol taken as self.

The most subtle perceptions and conceptions of existence are of vibrational correspondences. To put it in simple metaphor, you ONLY receive the channel you are programmed into receiving and if you take that as The Truth, you are necessarily unaware of the full range of frequency of experience AND  the tuning dial of free willing receptivity.

The ongoing abuse and denial of the free will by an enslaving elite 'consciousness' is entirely dependent upon the supporting role of the denied in maintaining such a power relationship of juxtaposing hidden denials. Guilt and fear led beliefs are not free willing and in this sense are not true of you as one worthy of being recognized and received. If such reception is anathema to who you feel and assert yourself to be, then you have no desire to embrace Life but only to deny it - and so you choose to meet your reflection as being unable to feel and know and share the relational Movement of Being Itself.

Don't be blinded by science. It is not more or less that a tool to serve the purpose given it. The purpose you give it or accept and share in by your own participance.

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