Saturday, 3 October 2015

Law and disorder

The Great Common Law
A Daily Bell serializing of 'Production and Plunder' by Paul Rosenberg. This section looks at Magna Carta and the Common Law and more...

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I see opposing perspectives in human relations. Each sees the evil in the other but doesn't recognize its own reflection.
The imposition of coercive 'law' or definition, arising from mis-identified self concept in fixed idea, oppresses, subjugates and denies the will - the movement of response. The feelings are by nature receptive and reflective and hence reflect this oppositional force as grievance within survival instinct beneath which is its core movement of the need to be accepted and not denied. A Splitting into mind based and feeling based identities.
These split minds, relate or rather - fail to relate - through forms of communication breakdown that sets as conditioning of precedent by which a template is formed from which forms crystalize to fixed meanings, that persist the patterning of the original error in all that comes forth.

Identity in self-Concept denies freedom to evolve, grow and change - being a SET idea of how anything and everything "must" be. the shadow of the seeming light of such assertive consciousness - goes forth as a communication of inadequacy, fear, guilt, anger and powerlessness UNCONSCIOUSLY and is reflected in forms reflecting what is actually done and not merely what is said or asserted as true.

The causal in this is the spiritual acceptance of image or concept as substitution filter over the Living Self - which inherently or implicitly reflects a denial or opposition and undermining of self-image - and justifies and reinforces the cycle of righteous assertiveness over reflections it cannot tolerate or recognize itself in.
Yet with the honesty of breakdown comes the willingness to re-evaluate EVERYTHING from the very beginning - and this willingness for integration, healing and indeed joy uncovers false sense of self in concept - whose release allows the acceptance of the feedback that is needs from what it previously sought to control.

Consciousness is always the template reality from which manifestation follows, but attention exclusively focusing within its own thought becomes conditioned to identify within its terms as if trapped in its own dream/nightmare. Until and unless it opens true balance within itself rather than persisting in imposing an inbalances order that propagates disorder.
The split off feeling has an imprint of terror and yet must find its way to move through this to find the acceptance without which is all feeling consciousness lost, presence denied and death embraced or indeed compelled.

That was an attempt to sketch something that might stir a resonance. For the governance we operate within or upon our own consciousness is our reflected experience For a start we can recognize assertive righteousness as a mask overhate and choose not to join in and strengthen mutually agreed definitional structures that thrive on hate - whilst honestly feeling hatred and finding what is really in it.
Who wants to start embracing their negative and denied feelings when there are so many perfect scapegoats upon which to 'get rid of it'? (Whichever side or whatever polarised position one identifies within).
Only those in whom an honesty of being stirs from being deeply troubled.
A true and trustworthy quality and process of communication is the only basis for establishing just or indeed sane relationships. The conceptually oriented deny all emotional communication excepting where it affords leverage to outcomes of control. The emotional distrust and aversion to stepping forth into an arena of communication by which they are persistently invalidated and denied is very deep seated.

As for determining just outcomes; every situation is a unique circumstance. Nothing really ever happens twice - excepting one narrows reality down to an extremely tiny focus within fixed forms. the form in and of itself is not the reality - and manipulators know that and use it to make anything seem to be anything. Discerning the Spirits is a receptive quality that is innate - but which tends to be covered over and invalidated. yet discerning the Spirits is the means by which one navigates and rises out from an insane complexity that resulted from an originally simple error. You are not who you think you are, and are free to discover what you are in willingness to open to an honesty of  feeling and safely allow a visceral and energetic communication to occur.

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