Friday, 25 September 2015

The Corbyn earthquake?

 The Corbyn earthquake – how Labour was shaken to its foundations

Whilst there is a human capacity to make mistakes, (and learn from them), the humanity exemplified simply by the demeanour of Jeremy Corbyn contrasts sharply with the spin doctored bids for power that are not in touch with nor advocacy for People - in most politicians and indeed many operating in positions of leadership and trust in our society.
The media do not report on the shadow power operating 'behind the throne' of the appearance of power. Partly because it is a negative self interest at work that is believed to offer protection and security - but always of a personal or personal group or cartel of interest and not as a whole.
And so there is pervasive corruption of many kinds of dis-integrity that holds us in rigidities and resistances to needed change, as well as the more obvious corruptions of a personal opportunism - including the largely corporate willingness to profit from the supply of sickness, destruction and misery. Few can begin to articulate what they feel or sense to be unreal or deceptive - but lack of engagement in politics is an indication of a sense of distrust and futility. I do not pretend or expect Jeremy Corbyn to 'solve' our problems - but I do see him as a public example of willingness to serve Humanity - and not an idealogical blindness of self-righteous hunger for power - not the bankrupt and visionless puppets of financial, international and corporate lobbies that merely seek their own survival and prevalence over what they see as obstruction to their growth - without any genuine connection with true human value.
Humanity is at stake in the old paradigm of corrupt financial systems, unchecked and runaway power in international corporations and cartels of interest, along with capture of regulatory institutions and indeed the mainstream media.
A movement FOR humanity is a cross party and indeed a trans-party movement founded in a willingness to truly communicate. THAT is a foundation which is lost to the willingness to deceive in order to coerce apparently desirable outcomes.
The nature of what can be addressed and to what degree is not the power of any man or woman - but of a collective willingness - which is also the willingness to identify our individuality with a Humanity that is greater than the sum of its parts.
A FALSE imposition upon the nature of who we truly are, cracks - and light gets in. Not the false Obama decoy of a presentation of hope as yet another persistence of the same governance under a different disguise - but someone who is not seduced and corrupted by the lure or baiting traps of power. I have little doubt but that he will be subjected to every kind of baiting and inducement by those who fear change that aligns Humanity but threatens their sense of power and privilege - but whoever we may believe ourself to be, our humanity is not something that can be bought or protected by what money can buy. True worth is pre-money and our society needs to align with reality - and not the asserted realities of fearfully exploitative coercive agenda - dressed up to seem acceptable to a medicated and managed population. Thankyou for your attention.

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