Thursday, 24 September 2015

Behind the scenes on Vaccine damage

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A Trojan horse is a form of something attractive, protective or powerful, that carries a hidden agenda. It is hard to step out of line with what the Establishment is built on and seeks  to enforce without allowing a genuine debate  - because the belief in it is so strongly held that anomalies have to be airbrushed away.

I hesitated before sharing this on as I don't like emotive appeals to persuade anyone of anything - but I feelings do not have to be emotional reaction - and can be rooted in a true and grounded sense of honouring truth as a core foundation for Life to be Life - and not merely something to exploit. farm or asset strip. Corporate insanity has captured and is increasingly usurping most of the governing bodies that once regulated the checks and balances for the good of all. We are increasingly left without a voice or advocate.

health is NOT an absence of drugs. Immunity is NOT an absence of vaccines. The power and influence around such profitable revenue streams as vaccinations and pharmaceutical management of sickness is vast - and networked in common interest that doesn't require a conspiracy theory - but simply recognizing the negatively defined self interest at work, corrupting our lives from the inside out.

There may or may not be a value in some vaccines and not others - but there is almost no room to debate, question, or discuss it with much of the orthodox medical establishment and little confidence to engage such a process unless we educate our self as best we can with whatever degree of honesty and integrity we can bring forth amidst an issue that is very emotionally charged. For those who zealously believe vaccines are life-saving turn to accuse those who don't agree with charges of risking the lives of others. And of course those who zealously believe vaccines are harmful tend to become polarised against those they see as culpable knowing or not in carrying out such harm.

A mind is a mind because it can open to receive and be transformed by what it chooses to accept. being locked into anything without the capacity to re-evaluate or challenge its foundations and claims is tyranny - even if it offers the illusion of protection from fearful outcomes. Such demand for protection from fearful outcomes is what feeds the industries and political organisations that then feed from what may be well intentioned attempt at providing it. And may drift over time to process people without any real sense of relationship or service from desks and boardrooms and networks of influence that want to believe they are the best ones to be providing what we obviously cannot manage ourselves - and that can become an opportunism of leveraging influence without true accountability when it can be hidden in terms of Notional Security or in the Public Good. Deceit ALWAYS hides in the forms of what is considered unquestionable - and then operates to make it practically unquestionable - and operate as a default without being challenged or recognized to be undermining rather than serving Humanity. The only way forward is to let the dirty washing out and be honest about failures. The scientific medical establishment - like any institutional power - are most reluctant to do this - even from their peers - much less the uninitiated.

And this is just one facet of a society that is increasing conditioned to being managed and processed and farmed and discarded by the machinations of the very few who don't and perhaps cant extend a genuine sense of Humanity to us. However, if we reclaim our own and demonstrate it - there will be some who wake up in every walk of life - because the loss of our Humanity is the loss of all that is truly joyful to an isolated struggle of an existence in which fulfilment is always a carrot out of reach and stick about to strike.

Fear is bad medicine - to get it out of your diet - don't just push it down and cover it with magical solutions. Get in touch with it and - in a safe and kind way to yourself and others - feel it and move it so as to uncover what is actually there. Our doubt of Life and of our own belonging and worth is a very deep conditioning. But even a little shift from being compelled by fears to waking up to a greater and more insightful perspective opens a sense of greater worth in yourself - in Life and in others. Even as the core truth of those who don't yet know what they do in their attempts to hide or escape their own fears.

I write 'deep' it isn't a casual skim-read. But tragic pain cuts deep - and can come in unexpected ways whatever one tries to do to protect against it - for life is change and our lives are a journey of transformation - not a rigidly held defence against an inevitably negative outcome - but you can let yourself be fooled into choosing to see it that way. A truly lived sense of well being is the best protection against negativity of any kind. Look see what your diet of thought and emotion - oh and food and rugs and environmental exposures line up for you - and  - if you want a better life - change your diet. Love isn't a magical wishful answer - but the capacity to embrace and heal the negativities that are coming up to be healed - though they may be used as proof you are a sick and inadequate and powerless example of someone who is 'only human'. It is all a matter of perspective and fears - consciously or otherwise will shut down our perspective. Whatever we choose - look not to make it from reactive fear but as a conscious act - and then expect the best because you are aligning with what you have chosen for the best. Guilt is not just a lack of love - it is an attack on love. Just don't use it and watch out for those who try to guilt you into their agenda. On any side of any fence.

I want to share Holly's story with you today. Holly suffered a severe reaction to the vaccine, leaving her convulsing, brain damaged and on life support. Her family was told by the doctors that Holly would remain in a vegetative state and would not...

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