Sunday, 20 September 2015

Corbyn - a movement of humanity?

Corbyn's policies are much more popular than the press hyenas would ever dare to admit

This article in Herald Scotland amidst a rabid press attracted my attention and led to the following comment:

There is a deeper choice I see in supporting Mr Corbyn - as a politician expected to work in due political process with others to serve the greater good.
This is his humanity - and his advocacy of humanity.

He stands out from the plastic mouthpieces of perceived or pursued power - because he stand in his own presence rather than sacrifice that to a presentation.

That he stands amidst the scapegoating and smearing being directed is testimony of a different kind of experience than the 'cut and thrust of politics'.
Is it possible or conceivable for honesty in political relationship?

Or do we persist in the deceits of feeding into the news speak narrative anything to medicate, manipulate or manage the schism between what we are really up to and what we allow to be known.

That Mr Corbyn has a very challenging task as labour leader - that would be much more challenging as Prime Minister - is not the issue - but while he is the elected representative leader of the Labour Party, the issues and conversations he raises cannot be entirely denied.

The behaviour and function of the mainstream media is being exposed as a more sophisticated version of propaganda for a cartel interest that predates upon humanity rather than serving its good - whilst drawing allegiance from many who are induced to believe they are serving the good of the nation and of humanity - when in fact they are seduced by clever manipulation of their own unowned guilt and fears.

The movement for humanity could be a cross platform alliance - for whatever our points of emphasis, they all need to find balance - or war is the result. Managed war has been the undercurrent to political action for a long time - with the overlay of a propaganda of justifictions and diversionary denials.

The movement for humanity emerges from the refusal to participate in in-humanity or dis-integrity - no matter how cunningly spun or laden with inducements of protection or fear.

Whether My Corbyn, 'survives' politically or otherwise, is not the issue. The issue is a movement of and for humanity.

Of course many mouth the mouth of persuasive appeal with warnings that stir old fears and invoke old allegiances. And many cannot tell the difference between a coercive intent and an extended communication. But life - while it is ours - is an education - and a privilege to share.

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