Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Exposing the pharma of sickness and death

I came upon this news of a big pharma corp winning a lawsuit brought against it regarding the misinformation as to withdrawal symptoms associated with the use of one of its drugs.

Eli Lilly Defeats “Bellwether” Cymbalta Withdrawal Lawsuit

More information in this source article:

Lilly chalks up a win for Cymbalta in first U.S. trial over withdrawal symptom claims

Lilly used the argument that many taking placebos also suffered withdrawal symptoms and so the effect (withdrawal symptoms) is in the patient's mind  as an already pre-existing mental sickness - and not the drug.

I find it interesting how the placebo is brought out as an escape route.
Whilst there are much deeper layers to belief than the tip of the iceberg we tend to presume as a personal characteristic, it remains so that clear and honest communication embodies true  relationship and indeed sanity.
It is on some level true that we are already operating world of distorted deceits - that is we are almost all of us un-sane or dissociated from a clear and present wholeness of honest communication and relationship - yet the only reality a false or distorted assertion has is the belief it engenders - which is reinforced by the experience derived in reacting as if it is true.
When enough people react as if a fearful belief is true it is no longer a fearful belief - but mutually agreed reality.
We individually AND collectively generated the distortions from which a mad world HAD to ensue. One of them is the belief in personal guilt that then is denied only to project away  onto OTHER and world and WANT it to rest on them so as to expunge or excommunicate the hated within ourself... without releasing the power we believe we get FROM attack.
Labels like psychopath can become as meaningless as nazi - for they simply assign guilt and invalidate. That is not so say others may not be embodying psychopathic behaviours.

Waking up to that ones thinking - and identity built on such thinking is insane is to open to at least a relationship with sanity - from which perspective, distortions, falsehoods and errors can be corrected or undone.

Jesus' example and inspiration has been neutered by fearful interpretation that makes special to separate and thus 'save' the separate self sense from true relationship as one's foundational integrity. However, he did not claim power to heal but accepted healing for himself and extended it to the willingness and faith of others who were attracted at whatever level to releasing affliction. Now there IS a vibrational quality in the true presence of Life through whatever agency - and there is the free willingness to match or accept such a quality in oneself. Likewise there is a resonant attraction of fear thinking with magical or manipulative 'answer' that merely redistributes  or redefines the same problem in complex derivatives made to seem new.

The Pharmaceutical 'answer' has brought the original problem back with interest in more complex forms. The attempt to treat symptoms as if they are causes reflects a fundamental confusion. As does the attempt to kill the messenger rather than read and accept the message. Each of us has a capacity of discernment from which to use even negative experiences for positive outcomes - while actively choosing positive outcomes. Corporate entity operates a disproportionate power because that is how our choices shape our reality. There is always a call to check and limit insanity that harms and the growing recognition of the deceits and coercions of systemic and institutional corruption, will not cease as a result of not 'winning' a particular lawsuit. Wouldn't you look at it and see that winning such a battle is a publicity whereby they are losing credibility and legitimacy? Hence the increasing of deceit and coercion to maintain the mask - as if the mask is the reality and all else must conform to it. Insanity. Who is without mask - let them cast the first stone. Well who is without mask seeks healing, not vengeance. Bringing the fear and shame that drives such behaviour into the light that heals.

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