Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Beyond fake politics?

 Anti-austerity Corbyn on track to lead Labour Party – YouGov poll

In this RT article shadow minister Timms is quoted: “If it's accepted, as I believe, that it was economic credibility that was our big problem in the general election, I don't think a victory for Jeremy Corbyn would help us to overcome that"

Economic credibility is the problem? Financial credibility is the problem.The usurping of our financial system by the moneylender in the Template is an expression of the usurping of our currency of true worth by a false basis.
A true Humanity is not a set of ideas, techniques, methods or models. But will embody these within an honest relationship. Hardly anyone in the public eye demonstrates a willingness for relationship and communication - operating the mask of coercion and propaganda - so Corbyn immediately stands out as real. Perhaps there is willingness to uncover and embody an integrity of being amidst and despite the systemic corruptions pervading every field of human affairs.

Robert Brynin said predictably...
I hope Corbyn does win. It will render Labour unelectable for a long time.

But at least there might be an advocacy for the population against the shadow government of financiers, corporates and captured or corrupted regulators. Corbyn demonstrates humanity - most others in the political arena are puppet actors dancing to a fear-based agenda. They cannot see humanity without awakening their own - which would ruin their career. But if needs must a self serving deceit will mimic a cherry picked version in order to recapture the sheep - or use the Greek model to destroy them.
There IS no Labour and there IS no Tory - for both are used by leverage of power to further its agenda. Politics has been superseded by a social engineering that itself is emerging from the shadow in such as TTIP - which intends to legitimize the power that currently operates by capturing or subverting institutions, laws and media narratives so as to predate upon and prevail over. I think they use terms like 'full spectrum dominance'. War on humanity calls forth witnesses TO humanity.

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