Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Fear State

Drivers, Beware: The Costly, Deadly Dangers of Traffic Stops in the American Police State
By John Whitehead
I did not feel to write about the specific symptom but the underlying malaise:

A breakdown of trust and communication has been unfolding itself as 'identity' and 'society' for a long time. The systems of rights and rules that are invoked to protect, become the trap within which one suffers.
Unowned or unfaced fear paints a world of evil, danger and loss - OUTSIDE the mind, so as to escape the core conflict within. A split off mind then invokes power to assert and protect itself - a self that gains justified or righteous identity by reaction against a perceived threat, evil or fearful outcome to its private or personal interests.
The WANTING to see evil in others becomes more exposed - more intense - as the capacity to maintain a sham identity breaks down, abd such a focussing FEEDS and fuels the perception and experience of one's shadow fear - regardless what is actually present.
In other words a displacement and dissociated state becomes visibly and tangibly obvious rather than socially invisible. However - to others of a like disposition, the fear-driven reaction is perceived as evil OUTSIDE in the self-same disease - and the resonant attraction of fearful vibrational thought aligns events, behaviours and interpreted outcomes for those who accept and share such thought as currency.

The currency of unjustified loss or attack, wounded or outraged victimhood, grievance and vengeance is the toxic debt of a world driven by a fearful identity that knows not what it does. That is is is almost entirely un-Conscious of its true thought, of its active desire and the devices by which hatred, disregard and indifference to anything but what its own believed but conflicted and distorted self-interest dictates.
They Sleep - but what is true of us - truly lives. There is no way to reach the sleeping but that they perceive it as threat, however, the content of their dreams can be nuanced as to provide ever more clear contrast and distinction between the original but largely suppressed and disregarded nature - and the identification within the illusion of power. Seeing truly the joy of one and the pain of the other is also seeing who you truly are and what is truly not you - and therefore to be released or allowed to fall off.

When fear and its defensive layering of deceits and devices fall away, a greater perspective is restored in which one is not relating via a separation script out of one's personal sense of past - but in a greater presence. When one is actually in communication and trust within oneself - one naturally knows how to be within the current situation - for one is activley listening and receptive to what is here - rather than acting out from a script of what (your mind or a social mind says), 'should be'.

Our judgement goes out into the world as the projecting of a primary sense of loss of love and separation trauma. That we have 'matured' a societal expression of such pain does not mean it is not active - but it does mean we have all to some degree chosen and learned to see SOMETHING ELSE than our separation script.

In the world we share of bodies and things it is obvious we can attack or hurt and be likewise hurt. But there is a door into such a world that was hidden as part of the entrance-ment - for one cannot have the experience of the world as we are currently choosing to experience it without first suffering a self-attack in such a way as to then believe ourself attacked from without - AND wholly justified in judgement.
A mind is thus split - while such act is re-enacted, and its experience of and relationship with all that is has divided as if to prevail over or rule is not the true extension and reflection of one's unique and natural signature presence.
Most all of what passes as 'thinking' is in fact an interference or jamming signal to a true reception.
How far down the rabbit hole of fragmented mind do you want to go might be simply how unquestioned and unchecked is the assertion and cherishing of the presumption to judge against others as if to maintain a personal power over them - be that in secret or in waiting or in feigned alliance or conditional 'love'.

Nothing is what the surface movie says it is - but that you want the movie to keep you asleep to the deeper disturbance you are not yet ready to face within yourself. And so the world of war and its illusions of control, order or conditional peace.
A dictatorship disguised as a democracy - as if you actually have a freedom and a choice as a result of asserting a power that - if you would wake up enough to look directly at - you would see you never had. I cannot truly judge another - but if I do I can only reveal my own core separation issues thereby. And so that can be helpful to me in accepting you as you are - and forgive myself for trying to make you something that you are not - as if you are just a part or an extra in a movie just for me.

Discernment is a living relational sense of who I am and where I be or do relative to what is here - in this moment. There is no template or system that can substitute for a living relationship - but the attempt to substitute such idea for truth is the device by which to sleep - or as was once defined: to die in sin rather than live in love. For unconsciously dictated experience is not only the denial of what you truly have and are - but is the way to loss even that which you think you have... until the defence of unconsciousness is no longer equated with taking a living inheritance just for your own personal wishes or gratifications.

Perhaps the word careful is degraded now - as if to mean fearful. Be caring 'out there' as a direct fruit of caring for the quality of the joy of living - and know that it is everyone's divine inheritance - but the entanglements of hidden hates and fears prevent the appreciation of such Self in another. Recognizing they are there beneath or within the experience is a first step in owning them. No one can release a choice that they assert is the power of another upon them. But from within can a fresh perspective arise that the fear-mind cannot imagine - so neither ask or expect it to. But insofar as a guardian is invoked to protect - thank it or honour its function first - and then negotiate a win-win from a communication channel opened. You are not wrong to protect yourself - for what you love you protect. But you may be wrong in what you are accepting AS your self - and it may be in your interest to check in with what and who you are believing, asserting and defending as IF it were true.

You may have to do this in a split second when pulled over by muggers - or by police. But the choice for grievance is the choice which UNCHOSEN - opens the way for a discernment of insight and intuition to operate within the wholeness that grievance can only block.

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