Sunday, 5 July 2015

Hope is an act of willingness

Hope is an act of will - George Washington's Blog about hope amidst a worldthat seems to justify despair.

"To focus on the difficult is to make fear the master, but to share the experience of the easy is to gain the courage to move through fear". This is recalled (paraphrased) from Emmanuel's Book.
Everything  - did I say everything? EVERYTHING! - depends on where we are coming FROM - for this directs our attention and frames our interpretation, generating experience that then reinforces the predicate beliefs and definitions we are operating from.
What we give attention to, we feed and magnify. But note, what we give attention to as a device of diverting attention from our own conflicted and false foundation will have all of the energetic of the denied feelings - BUT seem to be 'out there' in the diversionary tactic.
This is another way of saying one does not escape sin, fear and guilt by projecting it or redistributing it onto others - and then hating, fighting, denying or killing them.
One escapes such dissonance of conflicted self experience by looking straight at the fear and recognizing what is not You as untrue and what is true as the true of you. That is to allow a false sense of self and its consequent self-protections to be brought to awareness and undone.
Hope leaves a way open where despair and cynicism lock in with guilt and powerlessness. Faith and willingness for wholeness and peace reach and yield to the movement of Life - the true movement of our being. As the awakening movement of wholeness is knowing. From such a point one discerns and chooses to act, to stand to extend and express as the simple presence that in a sense Lives You - not as an 'other' but intimately reveals You in and through and as the situation - the moment - the movement. Seek not words for the reminder or who you are. Seek to be stirred and quickened by an innocence of being that is free of the mind-manufactured spin in which attention SEEMS locked and looped into.
Let your goal be to come from a clean place - free of the baiting and deceits of the fear-mind. For they can only be triggered by your own corresponding vibratory resonance. So use the 'causes' of self-judging in blame and anger to reflect the points of one's own mind that are in a sense like back doors through which manipulations are attracted into your experience.

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