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The magic roundabout

Production v Plunder

I read some of the above and put another view:

Magic in this sense is the illusion of power by which one can seem to get something specially for oneself and redistribute the cost onto others. It takes two to tango and it takes a victim to pay one's own costs. The victimizer hides in fig leaves of clever thinking that interjects itself between the need and its fulfilment. But seduced by his/her own spin and identifying in what seems a power in its own right, is such a one assailed by every sling and arrow of misfortune - for all such gifts went forth and multiplied in like kind to their source and return to praise him exactly in the currency his own word established. And so ye be judged - but do not own the judgement that goes forth in hidden thought or masked agenda. And so play the innocent and call on the god of anger and hate in righteousness... The magic roundabout.

The realm of the gods or God or the Divine cannot be appreciated except in its own terms - that is - such communication can only occur in resonance of a like kind. Our forebears used symbol and story to mark and invoke the living qualities that operate beneath and within the dance of passion and death we call the world. But unless one opens and yields to the territory, one inevitably uses the symbols without being embraced by their significance within wholeness - like someone who presumes knowledge of a place he has never been to because of reading travel guides.

The truly Creative is not accessible to the deceptive/coercive. It ONLY sees threat or food/power-source. Which means it does not SEE.
The nature of the dance of reaction and defence in power struggle crystallises the human world within a complex multi-layered defence of deceit in which the Son of God (the Direct Expression of an all pervading and all embracing Life), knows not what he does.

For everything is 'done' in the name of a self protection that is out of true with who and what we truly are. To 'steal' one's life from Life and defend against Life as if it were death, is to align all that is true to serve a usurper - and that is what the theme of the article is about is it not?

The true production of supply and sustenance, guidance and support, is not a power OVER life - but is the power OF Life. To usurp Life is to merely exploit or feed upon a 'life' that is now merely 'stuff' or resources or assets - to be disposed of when stripped of 'value'.

The thing we hate most hides most securely within our own thought - is projected to the world and then again hidden in deceits and diversions of distraction. The evil we fear within, reacted to as real, reinforces itself as our experience.

The truly innocent are not compelled to 'see' as hate demands. And so they see that hate is not their true desire and withdraw allegiance - to leave the way open for the extension of the undistorted gift of life.

This awakens a new foundation where the old fell away. But unlike the fearful struggle to survive threatening Existence, the integrative movement rests within existence - being the fruit of willingness rather than wilfulness. When the truth stirs, one is unsettled and disturbed - because all one thought to be true is called out and undone at a stroke. But in the need to know is an awakening  brought through us - through a willingness to know and align true.

Everything is a matter of perspective. To be framed by false thinking is to see only as it dictates.
But one can choose to recognize the false as false - rather than be hostage to its version of freedom within slavery.

The Fall of Humanity occurred over millennia. But it is a perceptual distortion and not an actual separation. A breakdown of communication.
If one puts insanely conflicted and self-contradictory self definition upon the projector of the Mind one receives a like experience in which the laws of Mind operate perfectly as ever - yet seem to have been broken. But thoughts cannot leave the mind that thinks them, and never have or will project themselves 'free' to then war with their maker. Illusions war only with themselves. Their is no war in Heaven - and such an idea is merely the project of our own thought onto a symbol of Life. Worship is worth-ship and when we invest in a false sense of worth we bear false with-ness in attempt to protect our investment. The attempt to deepen shallow roots that hide truth can only delay a correction in which truth restores perspective.
Production Versus Plunder
Production Versus Plunder
Production Versus Plunder

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