Sunday, 28 June 2015

Human Nemesis?

The Sixth Mass Extinction: We Aren’t The Dinosaurs, We’re The Asteroid

Human thinking is essentially a reactive conditioning and as such is managed and directed by a shadow power that masks behind self-specialness and deceit. (Vanity and the urge for power rising from a sense of shame, inadequacy or powerlessness).

The idea of power OVER life is one that has been  and is being experientially explored as a mass consciousness on Earth. And the pattern of the device by which to access such experience is writ large upon the screen of our world yet projected from every mind.

Life is actually a Spontaneity - within which all perspectives of current focus are integral to the whole.

Everything is a matter of focus and perspective within the movement of being - which is not a movement within time, but the movement by which time can seem to have occurred.

Human guilt and fear is a device for maintaining the segregative or splitting movement within consciousness. As if to limit one's focus exclusively within the reptillian 'fight or flight' reflex so as to only 'see' in terms of threat of food-source. As I began, this is a human conditioning, and not a fixed or necessary condition. True thinking is not merely self-referencing a fearful or wishful identity. It is a Universal Communication.

That we are the victimizer AND the victim is a call to enquire more honestly as to exactly who we are believing and defining our self to be. All else follows as sure as night follows day.

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