Monday, 29 June 2015

Who looks after the asylum?

Today’s Court Ruling, Though Expected, is Still Shocking — Especially for Those Who Grew Up LGBT in the U.S. By Glenn Greenwald
Quite apart from issues of what marriage is and whether it is ANY business of the state, insofar as it embodies a shared value and harms no one, and apart from the practice of manipulating and feeding off of identity confusion - I have a question; WHO exactly decided that same sex marriage was to be fast-tracked and implemented internationally in a very short time frame? Are they the same ones pushing the legalizing of marijuana? The promotion of 'terror' as a consolidation of state power? The forced vaccination agenda? The so called 'trade agreements'.
I am not saying that there are not grass roots movements for change - but that these can be subverted or used as proxy pawns in a larger strategy is evident.
But the ability to incept top-down memes into the populations of many regions at once is not an evolution of communication and relationship.
Of course if the change suits, then one blind-eyes that it is imposed.
Why are some ideas fast tracked for implementation - and are token freedoms used to distract from larger fait accomplis?
In the UK I cannot obtain a civil partnership with my partner unless one of us changes our sex.
It feels to me that there have always been those who have rightly or wrongly sought to 'shepherd' humanity through the ages. There is a difference between guiding and dictating. Coercive agenda hides itself very cleverly within anything we are inclined to trust and accept. Particularly if subjected to multiple stresses or fears in such a way and at such a rate that wishfulness gives its power away quite blind-willingly to manipulative intent.
One thing I notice, is that controversy and dissension operate division and indeed diversion, while the coercive agenda rules amidst a distracted mind.
Perhaps there is no deceit in feeding distraction to a mind that WANTS to remain unconscious in order to protect and persist its 'identity'. Perhaps Humanity is one mind in schizophrenic role play? Who looks after the asylum?

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