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Comment to an article on op-ed news:The Psychological Moment We are In

One can appeal for validation by extending the presumption of 'we' statements, and this is part of the way the self definition works to select and reflect the world that validates it.
The world is consciousness as extended or projected - and reflected. What one is actually projecting ONTO or UPON cannot be experienced without some self-definition relative to it.
Psychology tends to posit its study within a materialistic model of external cause to an internal defence mechanism - of 'self' or ego or even learned (programmed/evolved) behaviours.
So the 'moment we are in relative to the various facets of the currency of self is an interpretation of an already operating interpretation that is tending to be accepted as fact or true when in fact it is assertion or presumption of meanings given priority OVER true that has become largely accepted and unchallenged as the 'human condition'. All that is required to open this is the addition of 'ing' to indicate the nature of the verb that acts within the apparent noun; the human conditioning.
One can use the reflections of experience to illuminate one's own verbing consciousness - that is to uncover the word that comes forth from our own mind by which then a corrupting influence seems to assail us from without.
The 'altered' ego is in a sense the fascination with and subsequent addictive identification within, power OVER.
Within any script are personae to represent all the split off facets of consciousness that operate to support this wish to be a 'someone' in and of your own right - rather than an integral expression of a universally communicative Creation. And it may be becoming apparent that the device for 'splitting' the Indivisible, is terror and guilt believed. Divide and rule is for those who who be as gods OVER Life - and others. But no matter what we dress up in, it does not ACTUALLY divide the Indivisible, but no one can see that who WANTS to protect the 'power' that fear and guilt seem to confer upon their wielder.
There is a Bible sentence that indicates the 'Beast riseth out from the Deep'. The devices of manipulation of consciousness that support the illusion of command and control, are being exposed, and can only operate in the dark. In the obfuscation of communication or of the knowing of a clear self-awareness. And so the attempt or desire for darkness is magnified as the self protective urge to keep a sense of violating power hidden or disguised - not least by pointing anywhere OUTSIDE one Consciousness. There is no outside to Consciousness - but there is a resonance and communication of what I accept and give out as the currency of value - that operates energetically as communication within the totality of Consciousness that is Indivisible yet Infinite in its reflective richness of unique experience.
What one tunes into is one's primary diet from which one automatically shares out. Self-honesty is discernment is a true valuing or indeed a love of truth. To focus ONLY on what is true of you in any given moment is the result of recognizing what is untrue of you, to the point of giving it no further validation.

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