Sunday, 23 February 2014

Control the whole world? Power is a drug!

Which Corporations Control the whole World? February 21, 2014

 Curious that the only phrase uncapitalized in your post is 'the whole'.

When corporations have served purpose they will be rendered powerless just as everything else that has served its purpose. Now I have read that in an old document and can see that, from the perspective of an established single global power, ALL possible threat of influence would be neutralized.

I'm not sure about the 'assets' in the article. Financial assets are not so much possession as flow. When Dubai had a crunch point not so long ago it came to my attention that the financially rich have the largest profit flow and therefore the largest debts.

I speak as one who has never learned to see these wonderful clothes our Great Leaders wear - so I don't know what the control is - so much as a racketeering mentality that blocks the development of anything that they/we do not believe is in our interest or are more afraid of than excited by.

Behind the corps is an shadow body, and behind the shadow powers is a shadow. The racket is all about maintaining darkness in which an illusion of light can be used to seem to fight or escape the darkness. Unless we face our own shadow and its false lights both, then we invoke and give power to the 'protection rackets' that keep us from what we are afraid or feel inadequate to meet.

One of the things about many powerful people is that they want something enough to be highly focussed on it and not to let personal fears or inadequacies block them. So they move through territory of consciousness that most would pay to be protected or insulated from. So they may well see others as weak, self-conflicted and cowardly and not see themselves in others - or decide not to see themselves in others because to do so would be counter to their invested identity.

Corporations have their own power dynamics. Shareholders and markets can significantly 'control' their range and focus, as can those who control the supply of debt.

The idea of control is itself worthy of enquiry - especially in a world that is systematically coerced into increasing 'out of control' or fearful scenarios in which a very few are seen to be gaining from everyone else's loss.

Surfing the wave is a balancing of all the forces in the living moment. This kind of control doesn't presume to make or control the wave. That kind of control is vanity - though it has the rush of a hit in its moment. Power is a drug

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