Monday, 24 February 2014

Sugar sweet and deadly

John Yudkin: the man who tried to warn us about sugar
A British professor's 1972 book about the dangers of sugar is now seen as prophetic. So why did it lead to the end of his career?

This example - as large in import as it is - but points to the distorting influence of making money with disregard for human life.
Ultimately - it is true - we are responsible for what we choose. But we choose out of the information from institutions we have given trust to.
Surely if something were that bad for us it would not be allowed. There would be outrage at its sale or application! ...Who then speaks for us?

I suggest that allegiance is no longer due to institutions that do not extend value us. That merely use us or manage or shape our minds to fit corporate or political agendas that care not for humanity.

Addiction arises when an external agency substitutes for an internal connection - or indeed temporarily stuffs a hollow disconnect with stimulation.

Sentimentality is not full and free feeling. Bitterness is part of the range of experience.
Modern life is deadly to us in so very many ways - and so it is time to make a fresh start from a true sense of life lived and shared.

Another article in the Guardian - also on sugar - prompted this comment from me:

Science seems to point in whatever ways the most powerful vested interests of the day dictate. I don't mean actual science - but funding the appearance of science that can serve as disinformation.
Scientists are not immune from peer and patron and media reviews - and if one publishes unwelcome truths, one will often be ridiculed, rejected and shunned,
Truth is the first casualty of war - which indicates war is something deceptive does it not.
War on our mind is carried out both as an inside job and as an externally experienced coercive intent to predate upon us or prevail in breaking or manipulating our will.
There's a good article on Telegraph on the author of "Pure, White and Deadly" and the cost to his person that accrued from practising honest and compassionate science.
Responsibility for our consciousness cannot be outsourced - don't give power to anyone else to usurp your own decision - for it is your own decision that you suffer or enjoy - regardless of "who or what made you do it".
Unnatural thinking results in an unnatural lifestyle eating unnaturally processed foodstuffs. There is a lot of what does not belong in our minds, our lifestyle and our diet (on all levels of receiving life). Blame is one of the toxins that keeps us in victimhood, powerlessness and anger or bitterness.
We have the power to wake up and make changes based on our own authority. We need take none over others, but can join together in our own science of observing and honesty - uncovering our bias, our fears and our negative core beliefs that express a disconnection from Life - from our own life!
Sweetness and light is adorable - but a superficial glossing over the issue is a kind of self-deception that can only store up trouble while pretending it isn't something to bring into our responsibility of choosing.
We tacitly and automatically communicate our beliefs. Disconnected people teach disconnection. Kids learn it from us in large degree.

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