Monday, 24 February 2014

Grieving and healing

Have the British forgotten how to grieve? says the headline of a Telegraph article

You will trust your life and yield into its guidance or your social conditioning runs it for you. Of course one can flip in and out of both.

There is no right way to grieve because everyone is different.

If we leave our business unfinished, we carry it around until we finish it.
But no one will open to what they are not ready - nor accept and move on.

"Move on' is a full willingness to embrace the now and look forward from a sense of connection.

We none of us control life. Never did. Never will. But the heart has a wisdom we cut off from in our self-vanities.

Honouring that someone is in our life need not wait on their passing - but at least in joining to honour someone who we share, the love that they are IS shared - regardless their 'faults'.

Perhaps the dead disappear to our sight because we cannot bear the light. We see but darkness and absence.

The public figures are symbolic to our times. Can one grieve for who one does not know? If one has been truly touched - why yes.
How much of grief is about our self - our own life - our own desires and perhaps broken dreams? Most. But relationship is the love in which we know we exist. Our private thoughts do not give us life - but only seem to hold something back from Life.
Learning of Life is transformative. We are not as we thought. But then, how shall we think, see and act? From a more deeply honest connection? With the love we have shared in our step? Why not!

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