Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Torture is known to work - in the sense of polarizing hatred and seeding war. Whatever anyone may think they are thinking when they use extreme or in fact ANY coercion upon others, they are seeding war as the 'operating system' within which a sense of any personal CAPACITY to wield power is 'enjoyed'. The wish to be a power unto oneself runs deeply in fear imprinted human programming, and operates as a 'mind' of disconnection from Life. Not that one CAN disconnect from Life and exist - but that one can lose all FEELING or awareness of Life in the contraction upon a separate self-sense - fear.
Fear operates a device of segregation that splits off a mind unto itself - but ONLY if the active purpose is fear directed!
Torture is extreme example of power over powerlessness within the mutually defined terms of self in world. Each seeds and reinforces the other. Consciousness IS the Power to release a false sense of power or powerlessness because all true power is Creative and of the Creator of which Consciousness is Expressing as the act of definition, from which spring beliefs, feelings, perceptions, reactions and thoughts. Fear of pain drives wilfulness in resistance to believed sources of pain. BUT exposure of fear's device may also lead to the abandonment of USING fear or coercion as identity - for its cost is made starkly clear.
The effect of choosing to torture is known to degrade and brutalize consciousness. As you do, so are you done by. To see other Living Ones as meat reflex is to become the same. The ACTUAL way to become whole, present and full feelingly alive is to choose to see this in OTHERS. IN this sense you ARE your brother's keeper - for as you see him or her you cannot avoid seeing yourself. Deception operates to obfuscate this so that some forms of powerlessness seem like power and some seem starkly powerless. Or some forms of pain seem like joy while others violate one's sense of Life.
Ultimately - which is simply another word for truly or actually, humanity does unto itself; we do unto our self, or in Jesus terms; 'even as you do unto the least, (anyone), you do unto Me'.
What do we do? We blank others and we blank Life by asserting a wish to determine truth as a power unto ourself. Judging or defining all things to reflect our own will we make a world that is "all about ME". Such self-specialness may take any number of forms to express that power aggressively and/or passive-aggressively in withholding and suffering.
All roles and personae seek and find mutual reinforcement in shifting alliance, competition or outright war. This then constitutes a 'world' of virtual distraction and manipulative distortions of communication in which Life can hardly get a Word in edgeways - because fearful reaction and defence drive the machine of the 'mind' of power. While this is meaningful in seeming to bring something of value, it will NOT be abandoned. Yet is COSTS awareness of true meaning and value at every level of our conscious appreciation.
One can operate entirely from a positive or re integrative integrity rather than from a hidden and deceitful fear-based wish of self-specialness that might SEEM to be under control but is always seeking to direct the key points to its own agenda.
You ARE the world - but not as a character within it wielding power. You can only MEET that which you are equal to. Willingness stretches in trust of discovery but wilfulness puffs up to deceive. There is a true power in meeting challenge and expanding one's capacity to embrace and communicate all elements in a given situation in the context of purpose clearly held and stated.
Very clearly, an insane 'mind' is running in place of Reason. It operates by 'seeing' in others what it hates in itself - as if that 'gets rid of it'. But it reappears in shadow enemies here, there and everywhere and validates the 'holy' façades of justified aggression - such that 'evil' becomes the very god of one's living - for without seeding it everywhere in every way, there would be no way to prop up the façade and the actual agenda is exposed as a sham that covers deep seated shame. For no one in a true sense of their own worth treats themselves and others worthless.
One cannot add to themself by works or deceits, but only through willingness to truly Be themselves. If true joy in life is substituted with a fearful substitution, the currency is adulterated by a coercive 'mind' that demands sacrifice of joy.
Being cut off from one's joy in being is intolerable - so that is put 'out of mind' and a mask is made whereby to 'adapt' to a loveless world. But it isn't real, but temporary, until the time comes to 'come forth'. The mind seeks perfect conditions. But the mind of the mask doesn't know the perfect - being made in confusion of love and fear. So it always says 'not now!'. yet Now is the flowing moment of all living - and if not now - when?
The 'Heart' is a symbol for the unified wholeness of being. All symbols can be used manipulative. It is up to you what your purpose is, but the Heart's purpose is 'know thyself'. This is reintegration of recognition and communication - not 'make your self-image' and demand or coerce life to fit into it!
A hater is a mixed up heart. A blind mind. To play along in part is to be of like kind. Heaven forbids nothing, but to choose against your nature must blind you to it though it is the light by which all knowing sees. But here's the last point which is also the First - and that is a true innocence and radiance to the light that can never be extinguished. The 'damned' will deal out in kind while fear must deny they are loved unconditionally. We do not limit God. Only our mind limits our awareness. A mind is not fixed because it remains free to be all that mind is - regardless the limitations it accepts. That much of this is put 'out of mind' for reasons of Notional Security! is not to say it is un knowable or un-ownable. We can only change what we can first own. Nothing else is actually changed but simply playing at change and getting very seriously addicted to it.

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