Monday, 8 December 2014

Fear's conspiracy hosts a forum - I just had a look - and to a thread on the idea of 'conspiracy theory' wrote the following:

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Motivations can be analysed - but not without involving the bias of one's own. The polarisation of perceptions operates war, as the breakdown of communication to the operation of defence as each facet of any struggle in terms of its perceived identification.

For beneath any such intention and act is the self-definition operating.
Everyone always acts in any situation toward that which they define and believe is closer to their pleasure and away from what they define and believe in that situation to bring pain. The key phrase in the sentence is define and believe.

True freedom operates at the creative level of awareness. Whatever we accept as self definition and choose to believe by reacting from such definition, automatically generates perceptions and interpretations and behaviours in accord with such premises.

Anything believed and accepted 'self' will be protected with all the facility of will and strategy against what is perceived and interpreted 'threat'.

Divide and rule is associated with a tyrannous or coercive intent, but it begins firstly within our own consciousness. A split mind is a fearfully defined sense of self conceived as defence within an intolerable pain of self-contradiction. It renders the core issue unconscious by the coercive and active assertion of psychological defences.

This picture of human consciousness as generally accepted, traded and operating as currency, is an overlay or mask that could be called a tacit and pervasive conspiracy to deny and suppress the exposure of one's own loveless or hollow mask by maintaining a busyness of focus away from Consciousness as Presence and upon the world of projected fears and even constructed enemies. For the fearfully identified mask is effectively running away from itself by using its own consciousness and the world-perception of a distorted consciousness, as a screen on which to escape a pervasive pain and validate a personal agenda.

Insofar as psychological discovery can be weaponized, it will be embraced by a fearful identity to generate subtler and more insidious forms of disguise and persuasion for prevailing or at least persisting in power struggle. For its primary identity dictates fearful struggle to prevail and survive against a 'hostile world'.
War demands the active denial of truth excepting in tokenism of exceptions of strategic advantage. War justifies any means to gain the ends that fear justifies.

A pervasive fearfully defined and joyless society automatically operates a conspiracy against exposure - excepting in subverting such exposures to generate its own agenda of power, of market and mind share, of self-reinforcement. The split operates in innumerable forms but is essentially that of sacrificing, giving up or depreciating one's true power as Consciousness to externally defined 'solutions' that tend never to resolve the issue, but disguise it in more complex forms of dependence upon external 'authority', in which illusion of self-specialness or illusion of freedom may be promised but cannot deliver, because one's true presence Is freedom - BUT for the accepting and engaging in self-definitions that are out of true and which generate fear, and split the mind to operate a masked existence, blind to the heart's knowing.

Fear would always frame our choices in such a way as to deny our true freedom. The very tricks and devices that a fearfully manipulative agenda are so audaciously employing to its conditioned 'mind-share' illuminate the pervasive split-minded consciousness that runs like a botnet of fear-feeding consciousness that has in a sense been hacked through lack of true worth and vigilance.

What we accept into our mind is given our power. To accept beliefs that are NOT true of us, dis-integrates or splits off a segregated and segregative consciousness that does works as tares among the harvest. The personalizing of conflicts is the masking into terms that ensure the issue itself will not be exposed or addressed. Any 'personae' will be willingly sacrificed for the sake of the core agenda, and the charge neutralized so that it can not only reassert itself without challenge, but absorb and grow in its multi threaded subversion of all forms of challenge and resistance so as to maintain an appearance or mask of 'acceptability', where such a mask is still strategically deemed necessary.

I wrote this to remind and reflect that we not only have choice but are always operating as choice, whether as an integrative consciousness in freedom to be truly ourselves, or in terms dictated and defined by fears we may not even realize are operating our mind - in our name.

Although there may well be innumerable struggles of an external nature through which consciousness wakes up to Its true nature, I simply offer the reflection that the shift from fear to a true freedom of creative endeavour, must rise from a willingness to recognize and own our fears truly - no matter how much our fear of fear seeks to turn our eyes away.

No one can change that which they have not first owned - even momentarily - for the recognition of holding pain in our heart does not naturally keep holding it another moment! How much less can we change in others what we insist on denying in our self?

If you have a 99% case and bring in 1% of a coercive agenda, the other will detect it immediately and focus upon it to invalidate all else you offer.
Desiring to communicate without hidden appeals of self-specialness or self righteousness, that usually derive from hating or denigrating another, unsubscribes from the manipulative parlance of fear's botnet, extending a light of true witness.

The use of fear for coercive identity operates in darkness. It may attempt to bring illusions of light into itself to feed upon, and to subvert communication, but it cannot abide in light.

The opening of fear to the light of a true awareness is the yielding of a false and life-denying sense of personal power for a true foundation.

Everything expresses its foundation. Using fear as a foundation does not bring forth love or joy in harmony of purpose. It brings forth substitutes for these things to mask what lies beneath.

True foundation restores true perspective and therefore choices and opportunities that are truly integrative and which can see deceits without being baited by them and see past them to the fear in others that operates blindly without knowing what safety is - because they do not know who they are or they would fear not!

Whether anyone receives your communication or not, your giving is what absolutely determines your receiving - that is your awareness of the nature and quality of your true existence. Withholding our presence has been to worship judgement and become addicted or enslaved to the world it brings forth. The mind of divide and rule has no true foundation. The choice for self-power in darkness is on the table for a new era. I believe we all are making a conscious choice and am wholly desiring that this be so - and so I witness to that it is a choice that does not have to be chosen.
The willingness - even momentary - for refusing the 'gift of fear' is what invites and allows a reintegrating perspective. One step at a time, as an unfoldment of truly embracing Life.

Joining in hate is no intimacy whatsoever. Being truly touched by your own recognition IS.
When I typed 'desiring to communicate' I first chose the word learning but typed 'leaning'.
Leaning actively and consistently as an expression of true desire is transformational.
But reactively conforming and aligning with fear agenda is simply more of the same - albeit with a makeover.

I write this in one form or another over and over - but always new. The Consciousness beneath the issue is the door we do or do not choose to walk through.

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