Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Monetising Life

Science itself has been hijacked by a 'superiority' complex, and resorting to esoteric mathematical complexity obscures the coercive mentality of 'understanding' only as a subset of manipulation and control. This technologism is not for the 'greater good' excepting to gain initial acceptance. It operates a wolf in sheep's clothing. Technologising Life, weaponising Life, medicalising Life, monetizing Life, and limiting and dividing it in such a way as to operate as a coercive will or power - SEEMINGLY outside or apart from Life. An 'alien will' that seems to come between the Life you are and share and be, to suck upon its life in order to SEEM to exist - AND confuse you with such as life as if it were your OWN - and thus given protection though it cuckolds all that is true.

Science truly is the free discovery of the true, but has been conditioned only to focus with mechanism at mechanism as if nothing is in Mind. But "watch out! He's behind you!" as they shout at pantomimes.

The hidden hand of competition sets all things apart from true nature and determines how the world works, for who owns and designs the system of money supply and media information and war and surveillance capabilities (and etc) consolidates itself to prey upon all who think they are themselves a power. And it does so through the mind. Through the back door - from below.
A hacked mind - not really by 'others' or by 'dark forces' though these too can be experienced. But in all honesty we leave it open and unguarded to be 'used' by ideas that are not true of us and which then program our identity in the same way as we see the world at large being a competing of manipulations rather than a process of communicating.
Sovereignty of will is not coercive imposition of fear upon the mind, but is of a true foundation.
All things come from Source. Definitions may extend the Creative or they may spell trouble.
Without a true foundation, all is bedlam. Which suits the most focussed and audacious manipulators.

Life is a process of synchronicity. The world we meet is not the One True World. We make choices. But if we choose fearfully, we do not realize our choices make us and the world we experience in such a way as to not know the choice in which we operate. Fear operates denial. All psychological defence mechanisms can show the basis for why people behave psychotically and neurotically - and why mental ill heath is normalized - much like the term 'sinner' was but without any trace of God.

Adulteration of currency begins when one makes image or definition of Life, and takes one's self seriously.

True knowing can read the energy of the present and make probability predictions - knowing that the prediction itself changes the probability. But we are now in a such a state of unknowing - that anything is asserted to bolster and maintain the appearance of credibility, authority and right to rule. Fear is the realm of the lie.

amanfromMars commented:Quite so, binary. I concur and would posit that there can be, and therefore most definitely must be and is, an app and simply complex programming project to make greater use of that knowledge in a better beta direction than is presently being pursued and supported by dumb ignorant media channels and current delivery systems admin of fiat paper money control, now reduced and elevated to the electronic transfer of virtual digits to a computer near you.
My reply:
The app that runs a distortion of virtual overlay is faithful to its dumb urge to protect via command and control in isolation, but force quit it and behold the unfolding of an undistorted expression of creative endeavour.

Otherwise every green shoot is 'infiltrated/infected' so as to be subverted to an arrogance of ignorance. Even a glimpse of the wonder and beauty - the Loveliness of Life - offers a basis from which to challenge or question the programming of fear and debt - based leverage.

amanfromMars :
"an undistorted expression of creative endeavour"

            Hmmm. At best, and whenever IT is quite different as I allude to such as being presently readily available for current power supply demands and needs today, would be somewhat heavenly, binra, with ....... well, the AAA++ Anonymous Autonomous Active levers of Creative CyberIntelAIgent Command and Remote Virtual Control in sublime attendance.

            Finding intelligent enough partners who can cleverly engage and provide necessary output to input and input to output for enhanced reinforced lead in patently novel and noble directions is the magic which drivers the programming and its future protocols and project parameters.
            Fortunately though, is IT intelligently designed so that one can if one so chooses, go it alone without having to rely on the good gracious help of others into similar fields of absolutely fabulous endeavour.
My reply:
Birds of a feather flock together. Vibrational resonance determines the 'others' with whom you CAN communicate or meet. Generally speaking the fear that something wont work out generates the attempts which ensure that the fear comes true.
Though true and false have no degree, Humankind mostly lives under a measuring stick of what is real or true and what is less real or less true. One does not have to wait on conditions or others to be true to oneself - that is to accept what is true of you and refine or abandon what is not. Refining or indeed abandoning definitions that don't work - or bring an experience that you say you don't want, is the key of freedom to turnabout whatever felt to be locked. The roots are in our own willingness of our own experiential honesty. That such an honesty wouldn't then find expression and extension in cultural expression on all levels is impossible. But human thinking or mis-identified wishing, always tries to put the cart before the horse.
Hopefully humankind is coming to realize that Inspiration is not something to impose upon others, but that the willingness to embrace and act from our own is the capacity to meet and communicate with others. One cannot have an experience of which one is not equal to.
Underneath all of the descriptive account of HOW humanity sabotages itself is simply the active denial of true worth. If you can feel this, you know that your own contribution will either stem FROM such disconnecting sense of self, or witness to its undoing in a true sense of creative endeavour. Everything we do is creative endeavour if we are awake to the wholeness or presence of the moment at hand. The power of the mind is recognized by manipulators - but they don't realize it costs them their true power to use it thus. Official orthodox 'reality' is an identity that then defends and asserts to maintain itself. You are clearly willing to step off the edge of such worldview so as to expand the model - but at some point one needs to go native and release the 'command and control' mentality altogether.
Life actually works the way it works - but human ego then overlays its own commentary and has an experience of being "in control".
Sign off with a Dylan line: "Ain't it hard when you discover that, He really wasn't where it's at, After he took from you everything he could steal".
Bottomming out is part of releasing what doesn't work. (doesn't belong in our mind's acceptance).
We cannot take that experiential learning away from anyone but we can be a communication that listens, joins with and honours, that which thinks it thinks alone.

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