Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Paradigm Shift

Rand Paul Expands the Political Dialectic – And That's a Good Thing
Accepting responsibility for what cannot be escaped because it is ours, and releasing the usurping or taking on of that which is not our responsibility or even capacity, is recognizing freedom to be what we are and releasing the negatively reinforcing trap of trying to become free in terms of who we are not.

As far as I am concerned - everything pivots upon our self definition. Proceeding on the basis of a false and limiting self-definition sets up all the conflicted identity down the line.
Painful and insoluble problems must ultimately invite a yielding of self-certainties in willingness for fresh perspective. But they will in the meantime ratchet ever more pain, struggle and insanity of the attempt to force the old paradigm of coercion and control upon living relationships (aka 'Life').

The old paradigm abuses the channels or mediums of communication, where the new paradigm re-opens them at a deeper level than the old can imagine or recognize AS communication. It will not see it at all, or it sees meaninglessness or threat. Because it fundamentally 'sees' in terms of threat.

Embracing the new paradigm grows increasingly unwilling and unable to tolerate the old way - which is seen as a way of dis-integrity of self. 'Divide and rule' is not merely the pattern of  an elitist or powerful few upon the many - but a patterning within consciousness itself that operates a fear driven identity. A lack driven identity. A scarcity or poverty defined identity. Externals alone will not 'heal' such a compulsive disorder. But the extending of a true sense of worth does serve to undermine the basis of a sense of fear in unworthiness or inadequacy.

When the systems meant to serve become corrupted as a method of ensuring scarcity, lack and fearful dependence, they teach that coercion is power and that getting for oneself alone - or only one's own - is meaningful. The world that reflects such self-definition or core belief is merely a logical or lawful outcome of its predicates.

Anything that opens communication allows the possibility of a shift in consciousness. Masking communication with complex presentations of no substance consolidates the same failure to relate in new sets of make-believe clothes. Underneath it all is a communication breakdown, a failure to relate that became a fearful defence against communication and the avoidance OF relationship.

Compulsive thinking makes a sort of virtual screen upon which lies can seem true and truth can be feared as deception. It isn't that we only use 10% of our capacities (or perhaps much less than that!) but that we use 100% of our capacity to emulate running as someone with only 10%. Self depreciation and impoverishment call forth the conditions that reinforce the beliefs one accepts by acting from them. As does a self divided unto itself. Whatever we may think or say we are teaching, we always actually communicate on a deeper level what we are actually believing ourselves to be.

Acting out from a congruency of being is not an attempt to change others or change the world, it is an extension of an appreciation of existence that blesses the world. The withholding of one's blessing is an obeisance to a god of judgement, that uses the energy given it to insinuate itself in deceits that corrupt and subvert true governance to then serve as ITS defence against exposure and subsequent rejection for its lack of foundation - and its appalling cost.

While the mind of blame is valued as currency, the political discussion will be about shifting blame around rather than shifting from the mindset of blame to a true responsibility as consciousness.

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