Wednesday, 3 December 2014

What's Wrong?

David Mitchell: There's a lot wrong with the world. Isn't there?

Human beings have trained themselves to see what's wrong with anyone, everyone - and Everything! Not least because they believe they know what is wrong with themselves and insist it must be TRUE! When we look through a glass darkly, we justify a lack of presence. The lovelessness we 'see' is what the world looks like when your love is withheld. This must seem IMPOSSIBLY trite! But what is wrong with the world is now becoming all-powerful but for a few scavenged crumbs, and what is Right with your Existence, your being that is love - is discarded, denied, invalidated, weak and wishful.... by thinking.

What thinking does is to embody the intensity of the feelings arising from the beliefs of self-definition that are accepted true. It all makes your experience of the Only Thing Going On - which is Is - Existence. It's a Gift. We are free to choose but if we choose to forget we are free to choose we experience being victim to everything that is wrong with the world.

If you WANT to argue to KEEP grievance, you can, but do you Really Want It? Or is it something that grievance seems to give your self-belief that you truly desire? Looking to See is not thinking about. Look and see what is running our minds as 'thinking' and ask yourself if it is true of You? If you are willing to know, it is simply given you. If you a fearful of knowing, you make complexities to defer and delay and obfuscate. That's ok too - why not look and see and know whey you are afraid to know? I don't mean pontificating weaponizing disguising 'knowing' - but just the peace of knowing.

Everyone is making choices - whatever one does or says we have chosen to share in a realm of choice and choose we will. To know the choice you are making is being clear about who You are in Your relationships. This is the ONLY part you CAN play in the healing or awakening or re-aligning of health and happiness in the world - and the state of the world SEEMS to be the overriding reason WHY you cannot be you.

Perhaps one has the map upside down - for all one's diligence thereafter. Perhaps the noticing of what's wrong with the world is the only way to wake up to the call to decide to Be You anyway. Any way that is You. Powerlessness is a choice, a set up, a frame up. As soon as we take the bait of such thinking we believe, feel and experience accordingly. Life is Bigger. Infinitely Bigger. Perspective changes everything. Compulsion and reaction and conditioning are all locked in perspectives. Don't just think and do something, Look and See!

Bill commented (to the main article):

"There is nothing wrong with the world; it is only the people on it".

Or more accurately, only the mutually reinforced thoughts in the mind that reflect the experience of thoughts of wrongness as operating in a world of other people.

And they are not really wrong so much as thoughts that feel dissonant when chosen and so give rise to a sense of sin or wrongness that then projects out and away from itself to try to escape its own judgement.

What is the world when we PAUSE from using it to dump or scapegoat or appropriate blame? I don't ask that to be thought about - but invite the practice.

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