Sunday, 30 November 2014

Something fishy in media promotion of sexual politics

The media is used to promote 'gender and sexual politics' in ways that are often divisive and manipulative. This article is an example.

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People with vaginas?
Baby cannons?
"Make" them smell?
You do have fun with words!

Women's genitals have an odour. Everyone is unique and yet a vagina is recognizably vagina. All kinds of conditions affect the smell.
A disposition to embrace and appreciate and honour will align an integrated joyful health. Imposing a disconnected personal set of fearful self definitions, demands, struggles and stresses does not help the body in its function of serving you.
So much of what anyone tries to sell you is fear-based. That doesn't mean it cannot serve your loving - but make it your positive act and don't be tricked into trying to be someone you are not - or fearing that who you are is not worthy of love - right here right now - just because!
'Men' -  Idon't know about 'men' - such a sweeping generalisation! Being true to yourself is the gift from which everything else can line up truly. What does that mean but a deep self acceptance of that you are - and that how you are thinking and feeling about yourself is very likely to contain a lot of baggage that you are better off without. But one cannot let go of what is not first owned.
Love is sometimes already like peaches. No need to paint the roses red - but you can; if you want to.
Love has no needs but to share itself. Fear operates a need to withhold and hide itself. Love communicates through the body and the mind and beyond. Fear uses the body to break communication and separate in a masked presentation that then seeks to get from rather than be be with.
Because 'men' can withhold their presence, women can wonder if it is something they 'did wrong'. No. But we can only relate from an honesty and feel good about ourselves. Which simply means not trying to be what you are not. When its ok to say one feels awkward it often suddenly frees up the whole situation. Love is so much more than vaginas - But they are also embraced and embracing as an integral aspect of your being. Even if you are one of the people without one of their own.
What is the purpose behind such 'articles' - what do you think the powers that lobby and guide and decide Guardian policy intend it to serve?
Perhaps a 'media cannon' to insinuate its ideas into your mind? Or promoting sexual identity politics as a divisive agenda whilst pretending to smell of peaches? Or feeding ideas of feminine identity that do not actually embrace, honour and appreciate what it is to be a whole Souled woman, regardless the particular challenges that may not affirm or extend that recognition to you.
Needs are both simple and complex in that the discernment of what exactly is called for or not called for in a given relationship or situation is not rocket science, but that once the mind gets involved along with emotional triggers and confusions the complexity can be like an impenetrable thicket.
If people beat about the bush and wont come through, they simply are not coming to share the love of life with You. Often we discover who we truly are only after trying out who we are not. It's good to fail at being who you are not! Now you can live more consciously on purpose - just being you. Joy to the world!

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