Friday, 12 December 2014

Free willing Integrity

Beyond Good and Evil II: Is morality instinctual?

Integrity is innate because Life is a Unified Expression. The assertion of identity upon Life is a device within consciousness of coercive intent. This coercive identity is the use of free willingness for the purpose of a personal agenda that then presumes itself to be free to act of do as a power unto itself - excepting it is now experiencing a struggle in a world of powers in place of membership within a present remembrance of true power - which is not coercive upon itself nor rejecting itself in a fragmented mind of conscious and unconscious and collective and personal.

Moral action is congruency of thought word and deed. This is integrity. This is true presence extended. The attempt to make moral codes and apply them and enforce them is the mask or presentation of a personal agenda or capacity that one does not actually have. It is simply the use of guile in guilting with fear to affect behaviors and appearances.

Morality is NOT codifiable. The attempt to exclude God is to exclude the Living quality of our presence in true communication, in exchange for a world as we define and accept it to be. This IS conflict within our being and must result in fear, guilt, and division by which the mind seems to have split off as a 'rationality' of 'control' and emotionality seems to have split of as shifting feelings. In fact the Mind is Whole regardless the definitions of identity in struggle, the feelings and thinking, the perceptions and action/reaction of personal and relational struggle and pain. The helpful part of is a willingness to think outside the orthodoxies - but THINKING itself is such an orthodoxy - and the arrogance of ignorance presumes that ITS thinking is the apex or crown of human achievement - nay - of Life Itself! - but it is all noise to the Signal until its Purpose is changed.

Purpose is foundation. All things express and persist their foundation. The mentality of 'divide and rule' is all sleight of mind, in which what one thinks to be true is experienced as if it were so, and what is actually true is rendered 'unconscious' or obscure.

Existence forbids nothing, embraces everything. Their is no limit to what you can imagine but what you accept as true for you will define you and while it does you limit your focus through it.

Consciousness is One Universal within and yet embracing all local or particular expressions of uniqueness as Its Own Knowing. Whatever you give out (as a result of what you choose to accept) is what you get back (experience). Everything changes excepting the above three unalterable facts.

The perspective of the embodiment in a physical reality is already a complex result of a template of definitions. Existence Experiences Itself through all of it - but to remember your own freedom and joy in existence is to align truly within it. Not to coerce others or the world to align to YOUR model reality. Coercion is the device by which integrity is lost sight of. Following imaginations of what you do NOT want keeps you in fear and struggle and sacrifices joy.

I offer this as reflection not to persuade anyone of anything they do not want to know or don't already know. Clever thinking made our world of absurd and tragic complexity. It will NOT lead anywhere else.

To be still and know is to yield thinking and let the movement of Live register as the true of You. If you think "Oh, you can fake that", I say, why would you? Why would you? Unless to persist in clever thinking that usurps your true knowing and willing. Free willing is whole - not reactive.

Be true to your self - not to what fear defines you as. If you want.

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