Friday, 12 December 2014

Corporate and scientific responsibility

"Boffins debunk magnetic field cancer link"

In the 1972 book 'pure white and deadly' John Rudkin blew the whistle on sugar. A scientist's career was curtailed as a result. (look it up).
So although it may be true that genuine science is being carried out and fully reported, the mere fact of billion dollar markets makes it likely that some of what is reported is as true as the scientific reports on tobacco were when it was first challenged as a health risk.

BIG money equals significant risk of corruption - doesn't it?
As well as this there is a vast userbase of wifi technologists who enjoys the facility and have become dependent on it in large degree who have an emotional investment in not wanting there to be any issues affecting them unless unequivocally linked. Of course there are adverse effects but these are not from the emf but from privacy, lifestyle and cultural effects.

Pervasive beliefs that technology brings harmful results have greeted most of not all new developments. Isn't that at the root of climate fear? Often the imagined harms are just that, and become laughed at, but the actual costs are of a different kind. One such is that we put more and more of our eggs into one basket - that is to say we become addictively dependent on external systems in ways that actually make humanity redundant - perhaps quite literally- as well as inviting power and wealth to consolidate in the way HG Wells foresaw in his Time Machine.

Fear often works as a self fulfilling prophecy. In a world of many pervasive hazards, one has to feel for the level of risk. Science as reported is not trustworthy - one still has to operate discernment unless one WANTS to outsource all intelligence to externally shifting paradigms. I've always distrusted margarine as industrial effluent and embraced butter as something humanity has been eating for millennia - although modern methods add all sorts of new hazards with anti-biotic drugs and gm crops to cattle - and maybe most of us with a healthy functioning immune system.... oh those few of us whose system hasn't turned against itself...can simply rebalance and detoxify as our natural resilience.

In principle science is the willingnesss and desire to dis-cover truth - which is already true by the way. It only focusses on the empirically material - which does not have a hope of embracing truth as far as I am aware of true - but that doesn't mean it isn't a useful tool - especially if it could be used for truly Cooperative Good instead of weaponizing, monetizing and medicalising Life to serve private agendas, in attempt to define, predict and control it.

Human consciousness is not absent from scientists - nor is is 'controlled' by them either.
Research into Electrical Universal paradigms is not encouraged - since Tesla and others. Perhaps maintaining scarcity is an essential aspect to controlling a system. Perhaps the weaponry of such technology is far too dangerous for what is after all an insane humanity suffering delusions of rationality.

I can postulate a future where the brain is found to be adversely affected in subtle but definite ways that increase and amplify an already sense of disconnected mentality that then presumes to need to control everything because it has lost all empathetic resonance of compassion and communication, with Life, itself and others, and so for those who are still allowed to have such faculty, a tin-hat will be designed to shield the brain.
I would rather imagine a future where life lived and shared in more intimate creative endeavour simply doesn't template such disconnect - and thus doesn't require all the kings horses and all the kings men to try to put it all together again.

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