Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Designed out of the system is a mostly Mac/Apple tech new site that has been running many years.
In an article on:

I read the following line:
"Then again, maybe I’m not the sort of user Twitter is seeking".

This phrase resonates in me because as living relational individuality, I find I do not exist within such system, unless perhaps a bug to be designed out or eradicated. 

To create in one's own private image is to deny Life and undermine one's own Living (relationships). All of which consolidates as a 'culture' of coercion by design and by enforcement. Fear is the 'god' of coercion.

I can see a world that increasingly has no place for creative freedom of being. 

I likewise find myself increasing unwilling to subscribe to coercive or fear-based thinking, of implicitly disguised design or explicitly asserted 'power'. 

While everyone is fearful they look outside to 'see' where 'it is going' and what everyone else is doing' and if everyone waits for everyone else to find permission to be creatively themselves, there's a long wait on…

One result of accepting freedom is looking AT the template instead of running within its 'mind'

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