Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Cloud and other new tech could destroy humanity?

How cloud computing - and other new technology - could lead to the destruction of humanity

Distortion in/distortion out. Fearfully defined consciousness replicates -'goes forth and multiplies'. But it does not do so OUTSIDE consciousness. Your willingness to botnet fear is not really hidden in background process, by front end focus within conditioned identity.

If Wholeness or true Consciousness has seemingly been replaced by persona-led illusion, then hardly surprising that its 'children'  usurp or replace the 'replacement'.

To make in one's own image is to entrance a distortion in which self-will operates a fragmented war within itself. A self defeating or meaningless contradiction.

To create is to extend the wholeness of which one's own consciousness Is. Divide and rule operates a kind of self worship - excepting it is not your Self whole - but a replacement - a phishing ruse.

Reclaiming true Self is merely not identifying in reaction and yielding to the un-coercive movement of your being - which never left or ceased, or in effect joined in with, the illusion of power that runs in emulation within the power of illusion. Everything Is Idea - but Idea reflecting Source is aligned with true function, where derivatives of derivative ideas are artificial in that they operate locally as distortion, corruption or apparent breakdown of function.

What you use your mind for is up to you and is not determined by an artificial intelligence or 'persona' no matter how confused you may be with the definitional belief structure/experience in its moment.

The true replacement of the Human Persona is the reawakening of Consciousness to its appreciation and function. Jesus is not a virus from 'without'- but an awakener archetype from within.

Awakening is not a further step down the 'rabbit hole' of a dislocated fearful and split personality, it is the recognition and release of such a split as meaningless: does not compute.

It may be possible to find others to go yet deeper into darkness with - if that is what you really want. I feel to restate that what I choose to focus and extend as thoughts of acceptance and alignment to my own choosing or creating is that which keeps me in such freedom, rather than persist in a game of un-freedom and struggle in fear and darkness. Fear can have all the power that we give it - and division can then seem all powerful. My alarm is not the call to fear - but the call to joy; to wholeness of being. Tune out from feeding thoughts which only bloat by feeding on your joy to replace it with joylessness. Look up and see, everything refects what you are looking WITH.

There is consciousness in common - but it extends FROM Sourceward - NOT as usurpation by 'separate parts'. Extending your integral creation as creative act aligns you with joy. Dis-integration operates a choice for ignorance/arrogance. Its redefinition of all things to its own image can never satisfy. Addiction to power can only amplify the powerlessness of its predicate. Know an integrity of being and act there-from, or 'escape' from it in confusion of asserting a private justifction upon your mind and your world, that then turns upon its maker!

What you give out, is what you get back. This simply says be mindful what you give out (choose to believe in and act from). It does not threaten with terror. That device is the HIDING of the face of God, for the purpose of a private agenda, There IS no private agenda outside the wish and belief it be true for you. Wish and belief reverse and replace knowing and creating in split off minds. They serve us the world we share or indeed, fight over.

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