Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Destruction by an Alien Will?

From www.business-standard.com
Scientist claims Earth will be nuked just as Martians were by aliens

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A fearful conflicted mentality makes a mind 'alien' unto itself and like many patterns of disease, attacks itself, kills its host and moves on to a new one.
An 'alien' will, does not require non-human beings to wreak misery and destruction, it is simply the imposition of a fear inducing coercion upon Life... a kind of derangement.
There are bodies of information regarding Life on Mars as part of our past and therefore an inherited facet of our consciousness.
Because Science operates coercively - asserting the one true determiner of reality, it invalidates consciousness itself, as a functioning communication medium/device. In fear of 'chaos' it denies the very process of reintegration/healing. Such fear operates unconsciously to effectively create the very scenarios it says it seeks to eliminate or avoid. Such is the nature of split mind in denial. It knows not what it does.
The Electric Universe is a perspective science denied in assertion of separateness of things in gravity. Consciousness will not accept what it denies or even that denial is active until its foundation is questioned. Everything proceeds from foundation. Split mind in conflicted world out.
Notice that Mind Itself; Consciousness, is unlimited, unbounded and cannot BE conflicted. You cannot hate or fear yourself - only an image taken as if your self.Nothing you are can or need be nuked or rejected, but in image and form can the experience of hatred, rejection and terror be explored. The implicit freedom of Creator Mind is to follow the lines of its own Creation. Accepting an alien thinking as one's predicate, can only result in forgetting true nature amidst conflicting reaction. So to put aside the basis of the weapon of self destruction is to re-cognize such thinking by its fruits and desist from validating its roots. The active default is for unconscious fear to control and direct one's thinking, perception and choices whilst a surface persona is assigned a sense of illusory power and freedom as if existing unto itself.
Nothing exists but is of the One Existence. The quality 'Existence' may reflect ever changing infinitely rich perspectives, but existence Is and apart from is not. "Fear not!", is a profound statement. Fear of non-existence, is a false polarity by which a binary matrix is energetically enacted to play or create through. Self seriousness has its limits. Backstage = no war = Unified Field. Everything is a matter of definitional perspective. 'Loss' of perspective is fear. Unfolding re-cognition is moving through fear. Knowing again or indeed anew. Seen truly, fear operates as the release of the old in the rising of the new. Identifying within fear is choosing death, and getting a brief hit or rush of 'power' to which to cling a moment, over and over and over again.

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