Monday, 27 October 2014

three short resonses to three current issues

1. Archbishop of Canterbury warns MPs not to portray migrants as a 'deep menace' after top Tory claims towns are being 'swamped'

The issue isn't immigration AS SUCH, the issue is the manner and scale and pace of such a globalist agenda and market driven strategy.

Many Britons are reserved and leave each other to their own affairs - but the changes that are taking place - including mass migrations - are raising uncertainty, fear and confusion - which is fuelled by the media and the government in diverse ways - perhaps because a frightened and unsettled population is at first easier to manipulate or sell ideas to.

But fear and hate walk together. It is true that we need to be responsible as to how we communicate THAT we have fears or else fear will possess us and speak hate. But fears are not to be pretended away nor demonized. We need to facilitate more communication, not box it in.

Leaders and media COULD HELP to discern and articulate what is in fact going on instead of persisting in the problem. All problems rise from failure to account or communicate - and fear OF communication attempts to make lies true.

2. Archbishop of Canterbury reveals how he broke down in tears after hearing 'horror' of child abuse in Church of England

The more one denies/projects the negative, the more it is given power to operate unconsciously, in the dark left by screaming self righteous hate. Attempt to coerce or terrorize consciousness to conform to what fear and guilt dictates, results in distorted or corrupted impulses that leak out in all sorts of loveless tragic ways.

Our idea of self is so blindly predicated on fear and coercive control, that it is believed heretical to consider that there might be a better way - as if one is therefore one of the terrorists if one doesn't take the side that throws the first drone.

Humanity has a split mind and is in a sense at war with itself, within the level of personal consciousness. A living Church COULD align and extend the teaching of Jesus, but... knows not what it does.

Who knows not what they do, is a mind so divided within itself that it knows not who it or anyone is and becomes helplessly victim to fears upon fears, at cost of innocence lost.. This need not be.

3. Drugs may work better depending on time of day
Scientists believe that drugs which target specific genes work differently depending on which time of day they are taken

Whatever else may be said I feel to say that the natural systems of the body-mind - as well as the planet are vastly more interrelated and complex than the scientific watchmaker first supposes, when taking things apart.

The desire for 'magic' answers feeds the profession of magicians. A true re-alignment with responsibility of thought, word and deed, works wonders. But the wish to escape by redefining our lives in the image of our disconnected thinking, seeks to persist at any cost and by whatever means - as does an addict seek to persist in addiction.

Learning that it (healing) is highly individualized can bring back a truly individual approach to healing - but there are basic conditions that support the self-healing which Life naturally operates until it is so blocked from function that manual interventions become the new normal.

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