Sunday, 26 October 2014

Psychopathic deviance?

Under my 'handle' Binra I was asked:

Binra, did you ever get the idea that the psychopaths are good at being devious but, bad at most other things?

Danny B, just from me to you - as the communication that comes up to share...
Those we call psychopathic are intensely exposed to fear - even terror - yet in a way that displaces its recognition AS fear, but which operates as a focus of a very strongly asserted sense of self.
I feel that they offer more extreme versions of what most of us have - as is true of all sorts of patterns, extreme examples bring to attention, that in ourselves which would otherwise remain invisible.
Deviousness is only a sin if honesty is a virtue. Deviousness can be redefined as honesty to one's OWN '!!!SELF!!!' (indicating a tyrannous sense of self), and the honesty of those who would 'weaken' this !!!SELF!!! must be perceived AS weak, as a lie to induce weakness and therefore AS deception.
Everything is ultimately (and directly) founded on what we define and are defined by as our self.
Now I associate deviousness with a perceived need to be protected FROM the truth of one's being - and indeed the deviousness sets up an imagined truth that we then react to as if it was so and thus fear to actually look within and know. A sense of nothingness, or powerlessness in the face of intolerable abandonment, rejection or inadequacy, can trigger a collapse of the being that one is, in clench that effectively attacks....within and upon itself, yet at the same time operates a displacement or 'escape' mentality- a persona set to look AWAY from fear, pain and nothingness yet programmed by it to OVERCOME it in the world of relations; the physical experience.

I don't myself feel to invest in diagnostic labels as substitutes for energetic communication. So people can demonstrate psychopathic behaviours, but are expressing an energetic of being that is not really pigeonholed and cut off from us, or tidily explained and accounted for.

I feel honesty as a congruency of thought word and deed that is a responsibility of being in the flow of communication in our now - as an energetic communication that occurs simply from being in each other's lives in whatever way that manifests.
I have noticed that if I judge another who is disturbed as mad, I no longer have the capacity to extend communication but only feed their sense of self-justification in defence - or in the reinforcement of their drama and its necessity.
Therefore it is clear that in that scenario, it is I who meet an energetic that triggers fear and use the catalyst or messenger as the scapegoat for my unfaced fear - operating the same mentality.
But if I am responsible for owning my own fear, I can choose not to act FROM it and to stay open for a movement I can trust as a true expression of what I recognize as true of me.
So I see fear attempts to DO life, and DO to it and upon it in blindness of a disconnected self, while love, in a sense works through the cooperative willingness for communication. All know such love as something that they cannot take personal credit for - and which is not wielded or done to someone or to a situation, but which rises naturally as an expression of freedom to be (all of that which you are).
But as indicated above, those who are profoundly identified in a disconnected and separated sense of self operate within a reversal in which fear is the 'protection' which is love's role, and love is the exposure of powerlessness of such 'protection' and so is 'enemy, feared and hated.
What if reality - free of one's own coercive interference - is deeply satisfying?
Unfolding and expressing as a rich and multifaceted communication of shared fulfilment - not least because Life is no longer being demanded of, from an assertion of a sense of lack.
Or on a simple homely level, what if one always simply asked for what one wanted instead of couching or encoding one's desire in devious packages?
Asking as a true extension of our desire also honours the one we ask as the freedom to be themselves.
mind-opathic disassociations occur where two or more are willing to withdraw from relating and withhold themselves - their love - from the actual communication that IS the unfolding Movement of Being. Thus they give themselves each a different kind of experience, but they have not really created a New World Order, for it is a private subscription to a self-delusion of mutual reinforcement that is then defended and asserted against the naturally unfolding Movement or our being.
The Movement itself is wholly innocent of the filters one may employ to fragment it - even though the life experience 'downstream' becomes tragically distorted.

End-times or the shift to a new paradigm:
The core sickness is coming out to be healed. the insanity is written out upon the world stage that was largely hidden within. Each now has a choice they cannot escape. To choose the fear will be to see as the fear sees and do as it dictates and align with power as the world defines it. To NOT choose the fear allows a different choice to be made through you.
The choices we make are part of deciding who and what we are. These then operate a frequency that shifts the world and opportunities we meet and the pathways through what once would have been a wall, and indeed to lose the capacity to abide self-betrayal of devious patterns no longer available to hide in.
When the mind speaks, its can be listened to in the heart. One then discerns the sense of presence or indeed of a disconnected sense of seeking,  beneath the social persona and can embrace it instead of fuelling it. In fact I believe the ONLY way we come back into our own, is to let  give what we believe we are lacking. This comes naturally when we see the problem as it is.
The mind's job was to hide the problem in the world, so as to dissociate it and then operate as if from a point outside UPON its experience. It's done its best at what it was asked to do. It isn't evil. But is it what you want? If the answer is no then why do you choose it? This is not inviting blame, but curiosity. Observing the mind-in-act uncovers deviousness based on beliefs that pulled into the light - are simply revealed meaningless and irrelevant to who you know yourself to be. The mind operates a complex  many levelled defence that requires a persistence that will only come from valuing your self, life and others. This is what the devious or deceiving mind will seek to undermine.
I may add that the ego or personality mind is not destroyed so much as realigned. The choice is not really win/lose but whether to persist in that framework (mind-set) or shift back to a win/win.
It is easy to find hatred and rage in the context of the violence enacted and resulting pain. It is less easy to feel it and own what is our own. 'Like begets like' - until the vicious cycle is released.
In many ways fear is an addiction. Talking to addicts often gets nowhere - but there comes a point where they 'bottom out' and the identity itself disintegrates.
I have a profound sense that wherever you are and whoever you may seem to have been, Life is come to meet you in terms that can be at least partly recognized and accepted. One step leads to another.
A process of communication allows us all to walk with a different step, for in a real sense we now walk together. It doesn't matter that we find we forget, because we notice we have forgotten and pick up where we left off. Honesty is an inside job... of embrace.

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