Sunday, 26 October 2014

Perceptions are experienced ideas

In reply to a comment of mine one responded:
The reason for psychology, "the study, behaviors and mental functions", "PERCEPTIONS". Peoples perceptions of the world in which they live is the reason the world in which they live is like it is, even though the perceptions may be a manipulation of unknown origin, it is still the individuals perception. This is called mind control. Disregard the rest is my right of "selective memory". Thank you very much.. You are right, perceptions of the facts is what we are all posting, our perceptions.

My reply:

Thankyou for a communication of intent, meaning and willingness to communicate. I cannot find your perceptions anywhere in your post. I suggest they are your gift unto yourself as the experience of life unfolding.

Of course you may not have been able to articulate the whole meanings that were your communication and I may read them in an entirely different way than you intended or also in new meanings you did not consciously intend that I receive gratefully none the less.

Communication occurs - and even communication breakdown is a particular kind of communication that also occurs within it - but SEEMS to have denied, defiled, broken or coerced communication.

Perception inherently is already 'mind control' for some aspects of a whole are selected and others rejected. Some given prominence and others disregard. The underlying program or basis for perception is the self-definitions or judgements, beliefs and investments of identity. As we think so we experience - but beware the idea that sets the mind is not the thinking used to obscure its exposure.

If you or I or anyone reading, observes the act of perception, we will see the mind in act. Noticing the mind is an energetic space of awareness in which is observed THAT one aspect is rejected or exclusively selected or forcibly included. Pure awareness has no value judgement because it is not dividing in order to select. But it does offer a different basis from which TO perceive, that is also of course selective, but only to align and reflect an integrative perception.

Perception and conception are not really different. No one can perceive a world of which he/she cannot first conceive. But perceptions SEEM to be external to the conceiver - not least because the division of the Whole splits the mind as a kind of 'divide and rule' in which the apparently controlling aspect is identified 'self' and all else is identified 'external', 'other', outside me, outside or beyond my influence or control.

A world predicated on 'divide and rule' is more exactly, a mutually believed or identified perception by which such identity is thereby conditioned to be subject to and adapt to and operate within, rather than question or challenge its own experience and so uncover what is beneath such identity in experience.

Likewise manipulating intent sets up a false framework which - if not recognized AS false, en-trances the unwary to choose only within the terms set, which can also be set to offer a seeming better and and a seeming worse, so that the 'chooser' can believe they are exercising freedom - whilst reinforcing their identity in a deeper investment to the framework that robs them of their true appreciation and freedom whilst largely operating 'unconsciously'.

There is that which believes or hopes it can actually win within such a framed up prison sentence, and those who tire of playing it - and are free to engage in a greater appreciation of life as an opening to greater perspective.

Every ability or device/strategy of an egocentric distortion can be used to serve an integrating or healing purpose. Disregard is appropriate to that which has not true belonging in you. So when I encounter or notice a coercive baiting, I can retrain my mind to give it disregard instead of taking the bait by reaction.
The coercive has now become a sort of teaching learning device by which to become clear of 'trigger points'. Not that I am ascribing a negative power to trigger points - but that is not where I am choosing to identify myself now.

And yes, memory is equally a perception/conception.
Freedom felt like paralysis when first I met it. Love wists where it will, but a mind conformed and rulebound has no direction in 'anywhere'.

What is a relationship or a communication or meeting or indeed understanding or sharing?
There are models of thought that 'explain' and can substitute for the actuality.
And there is what might be called the living moment.
If the choice is to construct, assert and defend a point of view, then relationship, communication, and all its fruits are disregarded and substituted for by a coercive mentality.
So yes I share a point of view - but it is extended in invitation to that which resonates and freely associates. Information is what anyone uses it for, but that doesn't mean it doesn't express an energetic communication of its original authorship.

Regardless I essay an articulation in words, the actual capacity to check anything against the heart's discernment, is innate to us all. That's why the first deceit is to get the mind to believe itself cut off from the heart's knowing.

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