Saturday, 18 October 2014

Fear in hiding

I came across a generic image in an article on a recent horror film and a title about 'facing one's own darkness'. I felt to comment on the genre - which extends beyond moviemaking to the media's focussing of attention and also our own mental proclivity to 'know not what we do'.

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Fascination with guilt, fear and a sense of malevolent will or evil, is looking with it -or letting IT dictate where one looks.
The splitting off of mind from itself in conflicted confusion of identity is becoming VICTIM to one's own thought and the 'mind' that such focus then generates.

To simply look at, own or face the darkness in our mind is to see from a perspective that is NOT subject to or within the drama - indeed which chooses NOT to feed the mind-story and which then frees itself to choose to focus in what serves and expresses a true or whole sense of appreciation.

Hiding from fear is the same as hiding IN fear. Humanity is very tricksy in the way it sets up the device to separate itself from the knowledge of its true being in order to persist in what might be seen as a perpetually reinforcing negative loop that plays out in endless remakes of the same old archetypes.

There are WAYS of telling a story that reflect back to the core qualities of being - and the gargoyles play a role in having to be passed by or faced through as part of the reintegration of consciousness and its reflected world.

But to use symbols out of context and indulge gratifications or coercive distortion is in a sense the 'playing out of an evil or oppositional will'.

Fear operates as a device to keep consciousness 'shut down' within narrowly defined dictates... a tyrannous will.

One can watch the mind watching its world and thinking its thoughts and having its reactions. Such a one is not a slave to fear - nor its secret wish to wield power over Life, oneself, the world or others.

Love is what is truly feared - for its presence automatically dispels fear and restores a clear perspective of true relation. Therefore use fear to keep the mind perpetually and busily distracted in compulsive and necessary thought and reaction in case the light should dawn on its lack of foundation as a power in its own right - period.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What you give out IS what you get back. Making parts of the mind unconscious makes us suffer our own choices without recognizing we choose. This can be very exciting, but the glamour wears off and the dream turns to nightmare in which we are attacked by our own hidden thoughts.

Jesus offers a clear path to recognize for those who thirst for truth rather than power for their attempt to persist as the 'self' of a separated mind.

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