Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Fear (of fear) is contagion

Fear is contagion… unless you choose wholeness.

Fear is distortion and prevents you accessing your higher mind and thus acting or communicating in such a way as to restore health and correct sickness.

Fear says you MUST protect yourself from… fear, so it gets to run the sickness AND Big Pharma. Fear is beneath all negative outcomes.

Becoming awake and responsible for our fear allows us to generate a positive outcome, even from negative experiences, as well as simply not being on the frequency that attracts negative synchronicities.

It does not matter WHO uses fear to appeal in coercive persuasions or apparently positive plans for salvation, it is all rooted in a self-deception.

We live in interesting times. Be curious as to how the way we see ourselves determines the perceptions and experiences we then get - and share on.

Some aspects of polarised futility become simply provocations to react - so as to fulfil someone else's agenda.

Being aware of what DOES and does NOT belong to you is crucial to who and what you accept and act out from as yourself.

Appeals to reasonableness in search of allies don't look deeply enough or honestly enough at what fearful and coercive beliefs can and do set in motion - in our name.

Choose the world you want to live in by how you decide to see and use everything. It is all a matter of perspective. Insanity operates a complete loss of perspective to fearful and panic-driven salvage. But if the insane lead the insane - do not expect a natural health to heal or reintegrate your life and your relations and your world.
First, own the 'insanity' or disturbed mind - and then change your mind - by choosing FROM a place of authority within your natural being.

True authority does not coerce or seek to persuade in order to force an outcome. It KNOWS the way of being in which an optimal path grows within us and among us. But to access this authority, we have to let go off the false authority which asserts a false sense of self and seeks to prevail over the true.

Nothing new here - excepting that so much of the patterning of human conditioning is being EXPOSED in a Global Shift…. to eyes that would see and ears that would hear.
If you do not thirst for truth, you must pursue your choices until you are troubled and stirred beneath the self and world you thought was real.

Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for their True Inheritance is not truly lost so much as lost sight of. We are blessed by our very Existence - but have learned how to forget. All abilities that aligned to such an exploration of separated experience can be turned from the sword to the ploughshare. It is always a matter of choice.

(I wrote this into an article on naturalnews.com that felt to me an incitement to fear)

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