Saturday, 5 July 2014


Further comment into conversation on the Daily Bell regarding the 'power of the powerless'.

'Self-determination' entirely depends on what is accepted and acted out from as the 'self'.

A material or externally defined sense of self not only substitutes for the Life - but then depends upon the denial of Life for its own seemingly 'independent' existence.

A true self-determination operates out of an open receptive consciousness. The filtered distortion asserts a 'self' that embodies the wish to coerce consciousness.

Until the social and political are recognised as reflecting our own consciousness-choices, the apparent conflicts are played out as a distraction device by which to persist in an illusion of 'independent identity'.

The recognition and acceptance of our true nature realigns the personality as an instrument of a re-integration instead of a segregation.

When one is being perfectly oneself, one can perceive all else as it is - and communicate without distortion.

While we play out the projection of unwanted and rejected self, we choose to fuel conflict as if it was freedom and survival - which it will seem to be, to the intent to persist in being what you are NOT.

You are your government. Power that has never left you does not have to be 'taken back'.

Because you ARE freedom, your word is law unto your own experience and your experience is your gift to the world. If you elect others to determine your thought and define you and your world, then it is by your choice and not their power.

We ARE always using our innate power 100%! - but are habituated to use it to define and believe ourself powerless and limited. Until we are curious as to what we GET out of victimhood - so as to re-evaluate our choosing, we will continue to employ it even while complaining that we are unfairly treated and thus relatively 'innocent'.

Waking up to the choices we are embodying - both personally and collectively - is the only way to recognize that choice is operating rather than victimhood and victimising. Moral coercions might mitigate and guide behaviours while a consciousness demands them - but do not help true seeing. One has to be able to look upon the desecration of one's own will in order to be restored AS unified will.

The tendency to point to the failings of others is the device that diverts attention from a self-awareness. Unless one is willing to own one's own thought and will - one cannot see clearly to serve the healing of another, but is part of the 'blind leading the blind' - which by definition will lead anywhere BUT to true appreciation.

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