Saturday, 5 July 2014

The danger of making safe

Increase in number of casualties in 20mph roads as Cheltenham campaigners fight on

It has been observed that birds become conditioned by the average speed of traffic in any given stretch and it is no stretch to see that risk adjustments occur in both parties when travelling at such a slow speed.
Nothing is as safe as an awareness of danger, and nothing as dangerous as a safety that requires no or little personal awareness and responsibility.

The thinking of those who want to 'change the world' has ever ben the 'blind leading the blind' - because they want to change it to eliminate consciousness responsibility.

A managed society can indeed be herded and conditioned to fit the dictates imposed upon it - but the risk factors will ALWAYS restate themselves in other forms.

The breakdown of the sovereign will is the 'success' of the materialistic globalism which seeks to manage, herd and dictate Life in its own image. A fearful, negatively defining 'anti-life'.

What is in my view helpful is living and relating with due care and attention, rather than micro managing behaviours. A blame society cannot bring forth Good Fruit. Pluck it out from your own eye - but also give unto Caesar its due - but no more.

If it is chosen that human = machine, then stop pretending that we are good or bad according to dictates from the State and simply computerise our cars, our behaviours and our thoughts.

Real relationships are what align and organise our lives. There IS no substitute that qualifies as 'Life'.
Rule of law needs to embody the heart's discernment of become simply a carrot and stick dictatorship - regardless of what 'system' of  social or political form it takes.

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