Tuesday, 22 July 2014

On the thinking that sees no Soul...

“As I turned, I was this close to him,” as Biden held his hand inches from his nose. “I said, ‘Mr. Prime Minister, I’m looking into your eyes, and I don’t think you have a soul.’” 
"It takes one to know one". If you want to see the evidence of the Soul of another, you must yield your ego-centric persona and let your Soul's knowing extend from the perception of the Soul-choices being made, in a willingness to communicate at Soul level.

The world has long been associated with disconnection from Soul Awareness. "What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his Soul?". In such a disconnection from true presence extending, all kinds of masked substitutes are asserted or propagandized. These have the common inversion of presuming a man HAS a Soul - in the possessive sense, where in fact the Soul HAS you - whether you are aware of being in alignment or not. Truly you ARE Soul - but distracted with a fragmented identity operating within the focus of the human physical experience.

Power addiction is the appeal of a strongly denied fear of powerlessness. Those who are most disciplined and devoted to their power-trip goal and experience understand that it demands the sacrifice of all that one's heart holds dear in order to be free of 'emotional or moral' constraint'. This can be true when one is freely willing to lay down one's life for the sake of others - extending the gift of Life. But it is usurped when the disconnected and disconnecting negatively defined self, seeks to replicate selflessness in 'worship' or alignment with deep fear or terror, as the determining and therefore 'creative' force of dominion over others. They will thus use whatever guilt and shame cause fear of and seek to manipulate via assertions of masked deceit - as if they themselves were free to see truly and others the weak victims to their own conceits, easily herded or goaded to react in predictable and thus manipulatable ways.

Though the leaders on the world stage will sometimes embody such mentality writ large - many are puppets of hidden power that actually determines their range of action.

One is to note that at the time, each and all of us in some sense justify ourselves and our acts as either necessary, called for or the less evil - but this is always within the terms of self-definition relative to the situation as we perceive it at that instant. The urge to dis-own or cover-up our own fear by 'seeing' it outside in the other, can put immense negative energy into what then seem positive goals.

When Jesus said "Forgive them for they know not what they do", there may well have been an outer 'social' effect of his choice, but the nature of our consciousness when split is of self rejection and Soul forgetting. The capacity to truly FEEL, KNOW and RECOGNIZE LIFE is covered over by the identification with the mortal sense. True compassion is a capacity to embrace ALL the personae or roles within ones experience and release investment in a coercive outcome. What then arises naturally is the movement of Wholeness of being - which extends the true qualities of our unique Life Expression as an integral relationship.

One therefore can engage in business or political negotiation from a perspective that neither seeks to exalt or deny power, for it is obviously already creating every aspect of everyone's reality and communication of such reality as an unbroken or unified whole. The mind that thinks it would or could usurp Power is a toy. When a plaything has lost its relevance to joy and expansion, it becomes an outmoded habit to persist in.
"Put away childish things" and embrace the wholeness of being - so as to Remember and be re-membered in Love's embrace of all that you are - as both part of and one with All That Is.

Once one knows drama and conflict are part of an i-magician's trick, does one need to automatically give it all a serious attention and identification? Once distracted from your Source Consciousness or Soul Awareness - you effectively choose against reintegration AS IF IT WERE LOSS OF SELF.
Un-owned choices are generally unconscious… until they are noticed. Every interruption to our peace is an opportunity to notice the beliefs and definitions we carry and operate that DO NOT BELONG in our heart.

There are times to hold a firm resolution amidst the intense temptation of a false thinking and emotional confusion. True power is not coercive, but those who seek to coerce your allegiance to their own patterns of self-denial will perceive you as 'lacking validity, heretical, deluded or even evil. But one does not have to react in like kind and become the same as that which you judge.

Free Willingness might be a better term than free will (fulness).

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