Monday, 21 July 2014

Delusionary thinking and reality

Tony Blair: Labour must avoid 'delusionary thinking' to win in 2015

Former prime minister insists party has to be progressive and base policies on reality, not a delusionary view of the world

I understand the persona of mr Blair has become associated with deception and the power agenda of the very rich and powerful. I am not addressing this aspect of what is written above but of something that I feel moved to reply to… whoever said it.

Ideological identity operates a seduction that distorts and filters vision. But disillusionment (with such thinking) is only another version of disconnected thinking that is pretending to deal with 'the real world'.

Any thinking that is not connected to and thus expressing an honest and uncoercive presence is necessarily a mask - no matter what appeals or threats and protections are asserted.

One can elect to play the mask or persona and thus operate within the dictates of its self-justifications. Everyone who hides behind a mask has to justify their 'self' to themselves - and does so by seeking mutual reinforcements of both positive agreements and negative adversaries. Society itself tends to be a reactive layer of conditioned identities unless and excepting we truly pause from such disconnected thinking and regain a clear and unified focus.

Politics has been sidelined by changes with which our thinking has not caught up - and which are changing more rapidly than the old way of thinking can catch up. Our self and world definition has become so disconnected and delusional that it is disintegrating amidst a period of major adjustment or correction.

How we organise our society will reflect the consciousness from which we operate and which frames our perceptions and reactions.

A delusional foundation cannot give fruit to anything but more of the same kind. Jesus said it too. I don't hide behind Jesus - but stand within the same convictions. A disconnected world does not need saving, but waking up from a blind and default subscription that operates on fighting 'evil' rather than focusing within and extending the Good. Jesus also said 'resist ye not evil'. Most have tried to interpret him within the terms of a disconnected world of masked agendas. If there really is a desire to re integrate one's consciousness - one's thought word and deed - then one has to own one's own negative choices in order to release them AS choices no longer, and replace them with a fresh inspiration. Those whose allegiance to the mask actively sought to undermine the healing of a true communication, he called hypocrites (actors) or indeed those of the lie and the father of the lie. But truly he was identifying within Consciousness and not judging against persons.
To adapt to a world that is founded in a lie might seem real - but that is because one shares the wish that such a world be dearer to you than truth. Truly connected thinking operates of a different set of laws than that of Newtonian Physics - (or of the obfuscations thereafter which have sought to integrate an expanded view of a disconnected world).
But the new physics is innately hidden from powermongers great or small - for they are willingly and wilfully distracted in action and reaction and have no appreciation of a unified consciousness what so ever. Nor therefore of consciousness itself. The world YOU meet and experience and share is YOUR consciousness - which is a Gift - whether you choose to share in like kind to your Source Consciousness or un-kind yourself in hatred and fear and 'clever thinking'. Caring about each other and our world must rise above the dictates of a loveless 'correctness' that allows insinuations and assertions of victimhood to wield insidious power over our freedom to choose and learn by our choices.
The devil is not just in the details - but pervades the whole house of cards.

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