Friday, 13 June 2014

Uncovering the fear that would hide in conflict

Google News brought up this article on reintroducing the 'snooper's charter' in a provincial news source.

I felt to comment:

The search for intelligence is the demonstration one does not have it.

A fundamentally flawed apprehension of a situation will logically extend itself and thus reinforce its premise. When the ends (as fear dictates them) - are used to justify the means (as fear provides them), fear is made the substitute for love's honesty.

The more one engages in using a focus on fear to validate and justify one's own self-righteous hate, the more deeply entangled one becomes in lies and deceits - such as to no longer be defending anything of value - but to have accepted and spread contagion into the larger society.

While one furthers an ever escalating 'war' with an ever mutating 'enemy', terror is enacted upon one's own people. This is not an accidental outcome but is the work of those who see their personal interests as being furthered by such destructions of culture and idea as would hold them in check or undo their threat to the well-being of all.

Reaction does not ask anew and so in not listening to the answer - but restating its own premise over and over and over again. Such a mentality is a conditioned programming that defends against being itself exposed - for it equates itself with meeting  the true Need and so works largely in secret in case this self-asserting right to power be taken from it. Such is the 'Dictatorship' delusion.

There is so much Intelligence as to how society can bloom and prosper, but vested interests hate and fear it because it does not validate or reinforce their power.

The crucifixion of the essential Innocence of Humanity as Consciousness is not in the past - but in the Now - and the symbol embedded in our psyche is a wayshowing to a more honest appreciation - free from the distortion of the endlessly warring personae.

The establishment cannot repent. Only individuals can wake to a mistake and forsake it. But the established order is a collective reflection of the world we each choose. If we choose to hide our fear, we will hide in fear. That's how it works. While populations demand protection from fear, they give their power to governance that presumes to 'save them'. But fear's dictate pervades and oversees all that is within its domain and ensures a plentiful supply of threat in false positive inflations as well as via negative losses.

What then is the answer to fear and its progeny? Asking the question is a start! Asking honestly in the heart. Noticing our own part in setting up the situation, our own part in holding conflicting and competing goals, our own part in so many ways that serve up the scenario that victimhood would cry foul, and justify loving to hate.

Worship is not with the lips or the words - but with what we energise and accept and validate as our experience - as the core beliefs and definitions that dictate such choices, and as our primary definition of our self in relation to our world and each other.

We do not recognize the progeny of our own thinking coming home to us - yet they carry a message that alone will serve an awakening to a false thinking. Only such awakening allows a true shift of perspective.

We have every right to say NO to that which has no legitimacy in our true being - and indeed will lose sight of our integrity if we don't say NO - in whatever way is appropriate to the need. The way in which we communicate and act needs to express integrity or it will be perceived as lacking presence.

A lack of presence invites the projection of fears. Secrecy implies shame of an evil intent. Unaccountability creates the conditions in which there are no checks and balances to the evil intent that hides in good intentions. Power corrupts when it is not rooted in a truly shared integrity.

The mob cannot and will not understand anything but what they are conditioned to understand - but the individual can be communicated with that abides uniquely in everyone.

Consciousness responsibility is never too late to bring into play. Even - especially! - upon a deathbed or amidst conflict.

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