Sunday, 8 June 2014

Power games corrupt; true power shares

War! Fight! War!
Divide and rule.
The conflicted,
hate and fear
their shadows,
but never look ,
Hidden fear is contagion,
propagates hatred in self justifictions.

A loveless mentality
is a coercive mentality.
invoking opposition
to guarantee its
Using force and guile
in place of true
serving governance.

Extremism rejects
is non-embrace,
self-righteous cover up
for un-owned self.
We tend become the thing we hate
and bring to fruition that we fear
by the very designs to save us.

What really matters
is truly worthy
of embrace
and communication,
as the context of every thought
word and deed.

But see the pervasive mechanism
that deals out dream
and nightmare
to the 'powerless'.

The hollowing worship of power
cares not for gods
of politic, race or sexuality,
Excepting anything and everything
that serves the god of power
whose promise lost the Garden.

Where we give our attention
can be compelled or coerced
up to a point,
But then we wake to the ruse.
What we give attention to
is what we are valuing,
magnifying and nurturing.

The Garden provides abundance of lack
in attempt to get 'more' for our 'self' alone
divorcing us from a communioned Life.
Out of Eden is a 'mentality' wherein
victimhood and loss
serve as weapons of
mass distraction
and notional security.

Power games are corrupting.
True appreciation shares.
Without living from our true foundation
is a hollow fearful masked world
believed as if it alone
is what matters.

I would wake to that there is a choice
fear would not allow.
A perspective that self-hate denies.
A movement in the heart's whole knowing
that the fear of love by any means
denies to usurp.

Unless we recognize within our self
the sins we see in the other
we hate our self a stranger
and forsake that which reveals
instead our brother.

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