Monday, 23 June 2014

Drip drip poison 'news'

Britain's giant kelp forests could be destroyed within the next 100 years

So much so called 'news' is a deliberate propagating of drip drip poison of negativity - alarmism dressed in scientific clothes that ties in crying wolf with herding people to serve negative agendas. On one level it may be simply presenting drama in the hope of getting attention, selling something like papers, advertising or political agendas arising from the guilt and fear coercions implicit in the idea of 'man-made climate change'.
Another facet is that such 'crying wolf' invalidates one's credibility and capacity to alert others to common needs.
Our relationship with our own consciousness, each other, our living planet has been subverted and corrupted by a negative agenda. A destructive kind of consciousness that is at war within itself, that has no capacity to feel relationship but only 'sees' and coercively pursues what it 'can get out of it'.
I'm all for Primate Change! For a waking up to a deeper, more embracing integrity and dropping the poison of the blame game hate mentality. Love of Life is not fearful and coercive and masked in attempt to seem creditworthy. The 'old mind' does not want to yield to the new, but this is not a war but a way of delaying the inevitable, for everything HAS changed and the old mind no longer serves excepting to illuminate what doe not and can not serve a true appreciation.
Note that the 'mob mind' that blindly lets alarmism dictate is the same mentality blindly reacting against it. To know your own mind is to live on purpose but to accept someone else's thinking or thinking that does not belong to you is to give your power to deceptions of self-division - and to the self-fulfilling prophecies of fear.

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