Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Rehabilitation and correction - or another millennia in the prison of self-hate?

Prisoners 'could serve 1,000 year sentence in eight hours'

Future biotechnology could be used to make prisoners feel as if they were serving a 1,000 year sentence, a team of scientists claim...
Biotech is yet another level at which the attempt to coercively manipulate Life to our own (disconnected) image-ination, will wreak havoc and yet illuminate the true nature of consciousness.

One can persist in what doesn't work but only serves to satisfy fantasies at expense of sanity using any and every technological means available.

Note that if everlasting hell and damnation were technologically feasible there are those who would apply it.

What is the true nature of crime or indeed punishment. What is correction, really?

What is the correct purpose of prison or any other restraining, correcting response to harming oneself and others?

The system of splitting consciousness by fear and coercing it with guilt is the attempt to force a will upon Life. This is a fantasy, but played out in deadly earnest.

We do unto others as we would ourselves be done. The self-hate that is deeply embedded into our consciousness may be repressed and denied acting out by social constraints, but it splits the mind off from it's Life.

Correction restores Connection. False 'connections' block and deny a true Appreciation. One doesn't need more and more complex technological management of unmanageable systems. One needs simply pause for a Sanity in which fear is NOT the master.

There is nothing forcing any of us to accept Connection to a true Appreciation. Perhaps one is ALREADY serving a multiple life sentence within - but unmindful of - the twinkle of an Eternity.

Hate is a perversion of love. One who loves to hate must also hate to love. Is this not a definition of hell? (Regardless of the presentation and packaging).

Consciousness can seem within itself to split off and act upon itself as if it were an elite and special 'god'. But there is NO love in it, but only hollow and transient substitutes. Why don't we wake up and walk free? Are we addicted to the prison food?

Guilt is a human technology that subverts natural remorse, contrition and immediate repentance - which is love's nature awakened - with an evil, worthless and fallen nature, that must FOREVER be hated and feared (yet secretly lusted after as power).

Everyone 'goes to Heaven' - because no one really IS what they have redefined themselves to be. When the masks fall off, the original error is revealed not as damning, but as a case of mistaken identity. The 'evil perishes' because it is without Foundation in the Oneness of God. It simply cannot be maintained in the presence of Love.
Hence 'fallen' man's technology devotes itself to way of avoiding love - which is ALL the true qualities of Life, and without which, there Is no life.

'For they know NOT what they do' - even though they believe they are awake and active as a power unto themselves.

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