Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The passive agrressive consumer

On a template propagation page for man made warming in the Independent, salparadise commented with a rant on corporate greed and government collusion, along with the claim that consumers didn't 'do it' but were getting 'the blame'.

I invite you to consider that 'consumer' mentality is exactly the passively managed condition that corporate systems depend on and cultivate. It is exactly the 'weak-mindedness' you deride. But it is actually a strong way of making ourselves weak.

The willingness to 'look the other way' while satisfying one's own 'getting' habit is actually a very active determination to remain unconscious of anything that exposes the nature of one's addictions and dependencies.
Masked fear controls the mind if it has not been owned and integrated - and is extremely ingenious in its disguises, corporate or consumer.
Divide and rule is the split minded way of trying to manage fear. I suggest it actually feeds and propagates the condition it is supposed to manage, while adding a level of helpless or compulsive dependency on external powers - who are essentially invited and employed to take on responsibilities that are not being owned.
Discernment is a heart-connected honesty to which our choices can be aligned. If we do not use it, then we are in effect 'choosing the world' that both supplies and programs our choices.
Whenever the guilt of blame and shame is utilized, the mentality of divide and rule is being employed to bait reaction. It works by reaction.
Debt and guilt are currencies of obfuscation and invalidation. We were/are happy to be the top-dogs while the colonized were denied real development, but now there is great fear of scarcity and so much less pie to go round - so join the Palestinians and live like dogs!
Fear is the common denominator. If we do not own our own fear, we remain conditioned (and manipulated) by it. Fear calls up defence mechanisms - look up the term and notice that our 'normal' consciousness is already in a sense, insane, disconnected, dislocated in split off personality.
A true foundation waits its recognition. While operating from a false self, truth is usurped. So, operate from a true foundation; one that is not coercive upon you.
"They" are us. We see the world through our own consciousness. We cant get rid of what is actually part of us, but we can see it for what it is and make a conscious choice as to whether we use it.
Consciousness responsibility is not an attempt to change the world in order to get something for ourself alone. It is giving the meanings to situations and relationships that is most aligned with the truth of your joy - of your wholeness.
The 'world', lacks our true presence. A true participant meets a different 'world', because one is not feeling deprived or denied. Living FROM wholeness is the art of being rather than seeking it as the artifice of mimicry.

# extra comment to a commenter who derided the toxic deniers that had appeared in the comments :

You use the term denier as if it had nothing to do with you.
This article reads as a planted propaganda template without scientific integrity.
Climate change is really happening - and has always been happening. Such fundamental change as we are meeting on every level of our consciousness brings up the archetypes of human guilt, and punishment. Scientists are no less human in their attachments, investments and identities than anyone else.
It is not only possible for over 95% to be 'wrong' it is a given - considering the blinkered bias of the human conditioning.
If you let yourself polarize, you are no longer in communication - but reacting defensively to that which does not agree with you.
The use of invalidating language is a weapon, not a communication - and it gives away a masked coercive agenda.
Take the blame, shame coercion out of the communication channel and see what can be seen. The toxic is not 'out there' - it is the active desire to see the other as guilty or invalid. Self-righteousness blinds. It also stinks.
Separate church (science) from state (corporate) THEN see what kind of world we uncover!

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