Monday, 24 March 2014

Why use truth when a lie is more profitable?

Evidence for human-induced climate change grows as 2013 is revealed as the sixth-hottest on record

Says the 'Independent'

There is irrefutable evidence of the propagation of the 'man made climate change' meme across a wide range of information services.
There is plenty of evidence that a business model is poised to generate income from it and the political opportunity to impose yet more restrictions and austerities under the aegis of 'dire necessity'. A centralisation of power.

Note that this Chicken Licken alarmism has set off most all the farmyard animals AND that Foxy Loxy is presuming to guide them to the wisdom of Owlsy Wowsy.

True environmental responsibility is an extension of consciousness responsibility.
The virtual reality that is peddled to suckling and unquestioning populations is a tool of management and indeed coercion. A kind of propaganda diversion to prevent exposure of inconvenient truths.
There are limitless opportunities for growth in health, wealth and shared happiness, but they are not available to the 'old wine bottles' of coercive deception.
Climate Change is like political change or any other event change. Change is inherent to the very structure and nature of experience, and within the bubble of self illusion we think to survive against it. This is not an expression of wisdom. Transformation occurs through the yielding of the illusion of control. The attempt to mimic this with 'applied shock tactics' cannot fruit a true foundation - no matter how intensely the ruling elite believe in its efficacy or its goal.

Change based on fear and guilt is no change at all. There are other ways to choose to relate to ourselves, each other and our world.

The climate change issue has hijacked genuine environmental concerns and is revealing (among other exposures) the hidden marriage of scientism and corporate interest.

We have a great opportunity to re evaluate Who we Are and what our relation to each other and our world Is, because our inherited model is worn out and dysfunctional. It is a kind of 'mindcontrol' in which we feel free to choose between ever more limited or meaningless options as if that was Life Lived and Shared.

There ARE vested interests at work in the 'climate change lobby' just as there are vested interests in sickness, war and systems of financial scarcity.

Can we have some journalism on the technologies of weather control that have been secretly developed over many decades?

How 'independent' is the Independent?

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