Sunday, 2 March 2014

The choice to hurt our self and the choice to hide it in victimhood and powerlessness

Telegraph Article:
Raunch culture isn’t harmless – it hurts us all
So one in every three strip club dancers in Britain is an undergraduate. Well, girls, you may be having a bit of a laugh, but you are promoting a tawdry, amoral climate

We hurt our self or not by our decision. If we unknowingly decide to hurt ourself then we learn to be more honest and vigilant on behalf of our own Good.

The INTENT to hurt self and others is a blind projection of hurt, hate and vengeance and takes innumerable forms - both passively and more overtly.

This operates deviously and deceptively as a way to keep the power of divide and rule whilst mitigating its apparent effects externally.

Everything that we experience is feedback that can be used to become more consciousness responsible, or it can simply run along its pattern and reinforce decisions and beliefs that define one's self negatively.

Your moral well being is your true peace. Codes of conduct serve as place holders and limits upon lawlessness, but nothing can substitute for You but will cost your peace.

The deceptions of a negative self definition work to undermine anything that would expose them, because they are accepted as your 'self' - and you love your self image because you made it, but it does not love or know you - for it is a kind of idol or 'avatar' for your identification.

When we identify with the forms, and with the meanings we give the forms, to the exclusion of the Meaning that our true presence always illuminates, we abandon the Living to dally among the 'dead'. Within the darkness of fear, and confusions as to what and who we are, we choose what holds the most pleasure or the least pain - according to the situation as we each define it.

Reclaiming your power is not adding to yourself yet more conflict, but opening your mind to your consciousness in the midst of whatever is going on. When we choose to manipulate and coerce our own consciousness we become active and available to a world of coercive ill-intent.

Guilt and fear are the signs of an invalidating will. Joy and inclusion are signs of an extension of what life is being - right where you are.

I write to open beneath the 'same old' war-polarities that effectively block communication. It is not just what you do - but the way that you do it. If you cannot do it as an expression of truly valuing yourself, Life and others - do not hurt yourself. If you seem stuck in a bad habit, become curious instead of guilty and powerless, in the desire to uncover the core beliefs and self definitions that simply are NOT true of you or belonging to you.

Trying to get out of a trap only tightens the net.
The deceptions that offer 'freedom' or to extend or add to your 'power' are tricky seductions to keep deeper fears covered up.

This is where the true wealth is hidden - beneath such fears. For you are priceless, and would remember this if you let them fall away and stood naked within your true being.

 tomjones2012b commented to the article:

The only people who make raunch culture sleazy, are people like Judith Woods, who slut-shames a culture she doesn't like. Raunch culture beats working for a supermarket that sells alcohol and tobacco, vices that kill hundreds of thousands (I hope Woods does neither), or sells junk food that harms more people that raunch culture ever will

my reply to tomjones2012b:

Lovelessness is pervasive to the mind that values it as a special kind of self-love. Most of us have some investment and identification in lovelessness that finds us throwing the stone of hurt and hate at another - as if we stood cleaner thereby.
Lovelessness seeks and finds the evidence for its justification in the errors of others - and gives it priority over the capacity to open and embrace communication.
There are innumerable examples of sins or loveless, coercive acts that seek for self while denying Life and others. As long as we focus outside on all the symptoms, we succeed in NOT looking within at the cause.

The context makes all the difference at an individual level. And what we see is the measure of our own self-acceptance. Any rejection of our self brings the play of its reintegration in the circumstances of our life, yet while we persist in rejection, we do not recognize our Life - and seek control from a disconnected sense of distrust and chaos.

It is part of life that we can play out persona and use that to access experience, but we can get lost in such play when dreams turn to nightmare. The world (human conditioning) is expertly designed for forgetting who you are in the play of persona. Until we stop playing such games.

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