Monday, 3 March 2014

Fantasy relationships and fear

Are all men sexual deviants really?


There are consequences to an act - even to an act of ongoing imaginative curiosity.

The capacity to make false associations and enact fantasy relationships runs deeper and includes more than those activities that stand out as socially deviant.

The nature of consciousness is not actually fixed - one can explore, learn and be transformed as a result of choices and directions taken.

But the attempt to control consciousness coercively rather than through innate responsibility, has set up guilt and self-righteousness as warring polarities within an unnatural deviation from our true or original nature. So much so, that it has replaced our sense of nature and is termed 'human nature' as meaning 'fallen' nature.

The fear is that without guilt and fear as controls one would be a ravening beast or heartless fiend. All would be chaos! But is that not simply the fear of what we fear because we fear to find out?

Fear becomes a deviance in our thinking that disconnects us from our nature and makes evil seem powerful and attractive. That associates the forbidden with life and freedom, and that cripples our capacity to grow and learn in love in order that fear usurp it.

The core desire to relate, to know, to experience, is a movement of innocence. But the perversion or corruption of this desire is turned from Life into fantasies that become substitutes for life. There IS no substitute for life but a desperate attempt to make a false association real.

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