Saturday, 8 March 2014

Fit for purpose - but who determines purpose?

The NYTimes allows 1440chars. So I accepted the discipline.
Why High-Impact Exercise Is Good for Your Bones

 It might have perhaps been more aptly titled; "Can high impact exercise be good for your bones?". Reading some of the comments is part of what prompted me to comment.

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 So many variables involved! This throws me back on the structuring of consciousness itself.
We tend to be 'fit' to whatever we are accustomed to fit into. Our life in the developed societies has become less physically active and our existence more technologically managed.More 'externally' managed rather than internally expressing.

The consciousness that expresses along the lines of its own creative discovery is a different nature to that which is attempting to coerce or impose its perceived 'good' manually. If we block the conscious channel with coercive interference, we then set up addictive needs to periodically unblock it.

The conscious channel (Our Presence-Life) is NOT coercive upon us NOR has it excommunicated or abandoned us when we coercively block our awareness of it. When we come across information which may have relevance to our functional welbeing - and our joy in life (for these are one), what are we really tuning in to, to discern what exactly IS reliable guidance in our own case?

Self-honesty is the foundation from which even mistakes become helpful. The idea that there is 'something wrong with you' which must in some sense be purged, punished or beaten out is very deep in our psychology. The sense of Life's joy and vitality knows Itself in Expression. An integrated consciousness can in a sense feel its way because it is in touch with all the threads that are present. A segregating consciousness imposes itself upon its body, its environment, its relationships.

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